10 Thought Leaders to Follow in Employee Training and Development

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Social Media has become an important resource for networking with industry experts. While in the past communication with these thought leaders has been closed off, platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn allow us to regularly consume their valuable content and insights.
We’ve rounded up some of the most social experts who consistently provide articles, studies, tips and blog posts to help you develop your own employee training and talent management strategies. Following them is a great way to stay in-the-know on industry updates, new technology and essential information.

  1. Marc Effron – As the President of The Talent Strategy Group, Marc is a global consultant to top corporations around the world. He is the best-selling author of One Page Talent Management, creator of the Talent Management Institute and Talent Quarterly He tweets tips and articles on employee engagement, talent management and company culture.
  1. Nisha Raghavan – An employee engagement expert, Nisha is the Founder of India HR Live, and the host of the Drive Thru HR Podcast. She tweets about various challenges and trends related to work, management, career, social media and the HR.
  1. Meghan Biro – The Co-Founder and CEO of TalentCulture, Meghan is a talent management HR tech strategist, digital catalyst, author and speaker. As an active tweeter and contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post, she shares tips, articles and more on all things HR, tech, social business and the future of work.
  1. Kevin GrossmanTalent Board Vice-President, responsible for all aspects of the Candidate Experience Awards program, and Co-Founder of TalentCulture, Kevin tweets about all things HR, learning, and communications. He is also the producer and host of  Reach West Radio where he speaks with guests about their effectual stretch and the impact it makes in the worlds of work and life.
  1. Association for Talent Development (ATD) – The world’s largest association dedicated to those who develop talent in organizations, ATD publishes tons of great content and professional resources. They tweet about organizational structure, training programs and blended learning. They also host regular webcasts, so look for details to register.
  1. Josh Bersin – As an expert in corporate talent, HR, and learning, Josh is the Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, a leading research and advisory services firm. He tweets about all things talent management.
  1. HR Bartender – Tweets from the employee training and retention focused ITM Group via training consultant Sharlyn Lauby. She dishes on topics such as leadership, management, customer service, employee engagement and office politics.
  1. David Kelly – A training director and internal learning and performance consultant, David is all about progressive education and performance support in the workplace. He shares thoughts and information on strategic development and social learning.
  1. Connie Malamad – Expert in eLearning, information and visual design, Connie writes the blog, the eLearning Coach. She shares actionable strategies, practical content, product reviews and resources to help readers design, develop and understand online and mobile learning.
  1. CoreAxis Consulting – Yes, that’s us! We invite to come follow us on social media, where we share industry news from around the web, and insights through blog posts like this one. We would love to connect and keep the discussion going around leadership development, talent management and eLearning.

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