LXP: Why Investing in One is Brilliant

LXP: Why Investing in One Is Brilliant

Before going into the concept in more depth, let’s just define a learning experience platform, or LXP, as a learning delivery platform. A learning management system (LMS) is also a learning delivery platform, yet more traditional than an LXP. At this point, we can tell you that an LXP is a solution that: Aggregates digital […]

CoreAxis Partners with Go1 to Benefit Your Learning Needs

CoreAxis Go1 Partnership

Why we decided to partner with Go1 online training courses Go1 online training courses―The best learning content partner Go1 + CoreAxis = A winning combination for your online training When you search for the right partner, you want to choose someone with shared business values and a common goal―to succeed together. Not only that, you […]

Experiential Learning Environments

Experimental learning

Experiential Learning, as its name implies, is a form of learning in which people gain knowledge and expertise in a field or topic by doing, rather than reading about it. This means that instead of depending on reading and researching a subject, their education is dependent on them immersing themselves in the matter. This form […]

CoreAxis Named Top Content Providers for Custom eLearning for 2020

Southborough, MA — November 9, 2020: CoreAxis Consulting is pleased to announce they have been named to the list of Top Content Providers for Custom eLearning for 2020 by eLearningindustry.com. The company works closely with their clients to develop an effective eLearning curriculum that provides their employees with the training they need to be successful […]

Catering to All Levels of Learning

It is well established that training in the workplace is of tremendous importance. Employees arguably add value to organizations, so their employers should invest in them by nourishing their skillsets through immersive training programs and learning opportunities. Throughout this process, businesses must recognize that what makes their employees as valuable as they are is, in […]

Key L&D concerns in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Like all other industries, the pharmaceutical industry has realized a shift in the means with which companies train their employees. Given that this is a new change in the industry, there are a lot of questions being asked about the benefits of online training options as companies try to navigate the most efficient way for […]

Growing a Learning Culture With Learning & Development

Growing a Learning Culture With L&D

Culture is a broad concept. But let’s narrow it down a little bit and talk about…learning culture. Now, think about your organization. In that context, does it ring a bell for you? If it doesn’t, don’t worry. We’ll help you. Learning and development (L&D) is our business. And it plays an important role in growing […]

Learning & Development as a Recruitment and Retention Tool

The world is changing at a rate faster than ever before. A study at Oxford University predicts that 50% of existing jobs will fully transform within the next 20 years. Additionally, the average life of acquired skills is only five years. This means that with technological advances quickly making traditional methods obsolete, businesses must keep […]

Customer Education and Its Best Tips & Tricks

A quick online search for information on the relationship between ubiquitous learning—or u-learning—and customer education may get you nowhere. But we have good news for you on that matter! This article will unveil the contribution that ubiquitous learning can have in customer education. We hope you enjoy discovering the benefits of ubiquitous technologies in the […]