Are you still using the same content in your training courses that you have been using for years?

Stop wasting time and money and let CoreAxis evaluate your out-of-date content to help you make the most of your L&D content.

Using content strategy & curation, we will assess and evaluate your existing content and make recommendations on how to optimize and improve it based on our scientific research and our client based experience and expertise.

Content Assessment

There is no one-size fits all model for learning. At CoreAxis we use a science-based approach to evaluate each learning and development program, and build custom solutions that are designed from the ground up to maximize retention, and drive lasting change.

Advanced Formative Assessment

Every learning professional knows the value of assessing the learner. Assessments measure the value of learning from an investment perspective, as well as from a skills and knowledge transfer basis. Summative assessments tell us how well the learner mastered a particular task or idea. But it’s the formative assessment that can give us more leverage when creating an effective learning strategy. We determine areas of strength, as well as the areas where a learner needs more improvement, using the formative assessment conducted during the learning process. Whether done through goal checks, self-assessments, presentations, or another manner, a formative assessment provides immediate feedback and lets the instructor and the learner ‘course correct’ in real time. This allows the learner to get the maximum benefit from each learning intervention.

Big data

Data analytics has been a hot topic in the learning world for the past several years. The term "Big Data" is used to describe large amounts of data that is analyzed to provide insight into trends. Applied to learning, Big Data allows us to assess the ROI of the learning program, evaluate learner behaviors and improve the
learning experience.
Big Data

When we gather data on learning activity, time spent, consumption of content and assessment scores, patterns begin to emerge. By analyzing these patterns, we can adjust course content, learner interactions, post-course performance support and more. Data allows us to understand the learner’s performance and ensure that the learning we provide is relevant, engaging and impactful.

What We Know

<center>The Brain Changes</center>

The Brain Changes

Neuroplasticity is the technical term for the fact that our brains adapt and change. On the plus side, that means that we can learn new things, but it also means that what we don't use, we lose.

<center>Emotions Matter<//center>

Emotions Matter

If we're truly interested about a topic, we're more likely to want to learn about it and more likely to retain what we learn.

Learning is a Social Activity

Learning is a Social Activity

Humans are social animals, we learn better together. Today we have the technology to extend the social learning process online, and leverage the power of social learning to enhance both pure online learning and blended learning models.

<center>Bledning Learning And <br>Experience Is Powerful</center>

Bledning Learning And
Experience Is Powerful

Integrated social learning allows us to leverage the 70:20:10 model to bring classroom theory onto the job, using technology for a richer learning experience

<center>Games are good </br>Learning Tools</center>

Games are good
Learning Tools

Gamification might seem like its all fun and games, but its value is rooted in some very sound cognitive science. Humans learn best by doing, and learning games allow us to do just that. When we succeed, our brains release endorphins, which give us a boost of positive reinforcement. When we fail, our brain kicks into an engaged mode and we're motivated to practice and try again

What Modalities should you use?

Ok so now you have great, engaging content but are you still stuck reserving the conference room and losing a full day's work from your employees?

Don't worry, we can help with that too!

At CoreAxis, we collaborate with our clients to determine the best modalities for designing and developing next-generation, world-class content. Whether you are looking for a more engaging solution like:

Learning Management Platforms

Learning Management Platforms

There are LMS solutions for every budget, and these powerful tools can help you deliver learning programs, track your learners progress, and assess their ability to use what they've learned in practice.

Social Learning

Social Learning

Whether we use purpose-built tools that integrate into a learning management platform, Or leverage other social platform, social learning is powerful way to create community among individuals who are sharing learning experience.

Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning

Every learner is different. Today we have the technology to personalize the learning experience, from testing out of topics the learner already knows, to offering multiple options for content delivery, flexible learning solutions maximize understanding and retention

Or something a little more high-tech like our Innovative Learning Solutions

  • Virtual Reality
  • Al
  • Gamification
  • Simulations
  • Augmented Reality
  • 360 Video

We've got the expertise to evaluate your current content and plenty of tools to create high-impact learning solutions. Don't guess what your learners need to be successful, use science to help deliver the right information at the right time, and get the most out of your learning and development budget.

Let CoreAxis help you create, curate, or customize your content to
engage and develop your talent!

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Interested in working together?

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