Curation is an art. It’s all about finding, sifting, arranging, contextualizing and then sharing information.

Content Curation

Content curation appeals to today’s generation of learners who are accustomed to looking up information on the Internet.

Curation is an art. It’s all about finding, sifting, arranging, contextualizing and then sharing information. Curation is intentional. Today’s learners want personalized learning paths based on the areas of interest chosen by them.

Employees find it most difficult to learn, not because there isn’t enough content, but because there is too much of it, and they cannot find what is valuable. A content curation strategy takes the complex and filters only what’s relevant, saving time and effort.

Our content strategy experts help organizations identify and execute a content curation strategy. Our team can help with a successful integration and execution through a variety of performance and learning issues.

Content curation can add value to your learning strategy and enhance the impact manifold as it helps you:

Aggregate meaningful content.

With content curation, you can gather and organize all relevant online and offline resources in your network and help your learners access them all in one place.

Empower your Learning and Development team and learners alike.

Content curation allows both Learning and Development experts and learners to generate and curate content and make contextual learning material available for everyone’s benefit.

Motivate your learners.

With content curation, you can enable employees to get recognized and rewarded for their contributions, effective usage, and learning achievements.

Encourage learning as a continuum.

Content curation will help your learners experience constant learning through forums, discussions and chats for peer-level collaboration. It also provides the choice for learners to build paths and share content. Furthermore, it facilitates creation of strong relationships between experts and learners.

Two business examples:

  • Employees don’t always think of the LMS as a place to look for information. Our content curation services can help identify the most pertinent training and content, and help aggregate from the LMS using enabling technologies.
  • Learning and Development teams cannot create new content fast enough to meet the demand of their business partners. A content curation strategy can reduce some of the requirements for new content development by leveraging existing internal and external content.

Provide personalized feedback through analytics.

Through some smart data analytics, the solution can provide personalized recommendations/feedback to learners as to what content they should go through.

Through our eLearning Content Curation services,
you can help your learners:



the most suitable content from different sources (both from external sources and your existing repository).



information so that they only get to see content that’s relevant to them.



the content they’ve found at the right time through the right platform.

CoreAxis' Content Strategy and Curation
team has the skills to:

  • Quickly understand client needs, including roles, structure and culture.
  • Assess the current state of internal content and external subscriptions and determine what content best accomplishes the desired goals.
  • Design meaningful learning pathways that provide context so that the content is tied to viable business and performance outcomes.
  • Share the content with the right people at the right time by leveraging technology or creating a package that delivers the program to the audience.
  • Organize permissions and conversations between client and content owner.
  • Assist in vetting learning technologies based on an organization’s needs through integrating and implementing the technology into the organization’s ecosystem.
  • Determine if the content curation strategy is effective through an evaluation strategy.

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