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Converting ILT Courses to eLearning

Why Companies are Converting ILT to eLearning

Organizations in every size and industry are finding it increasingly difficult to get employees into the classroom.

In an age where pretty much everything is on demand, scheduling employees away from their jobs to
attend a training course on a set day and time is a challenge for today’s training managers. Instructor-led training (ILT) classes don’t consider the current workload of employees, nor do they factor in potential fires that may erupt during the class day. These events can cause class attrition or, worse, unfocused learners who aren't engaged in the content.

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Benefits of Converting ILT to eLearning

Increased flexibility is one of many reasons driving companies to favor eLearning over traditional ILT.

Other Benefits Include:

Cost Savings

Depending on how often an ILT course is delivered and in how many locations, converting to eLearning could result in significant cost savings in both labor and travel expenses.

Time Savings

eLearning allows you to roll out content more quickly across your organization and makes “just-in-time” training possible.

Extended Reach

eLearning allows you to reach a wider audience than you could with ILT (even global).

On Demand

Compared to the fixed structure of an ILT environment, eLearning allows users to access the course when and where they have the time and energy to focus on the content.

Better Results

eLearning allows users to learn at their own pace, revisit content they didn’t grasp immediately, and access only the content they need to learn – all of which leads to better learning retention and results.

Easier to Update

eLearning updates involve swapping out pieces of information. When an ILT course is updated, instructors must learn the new content to present it effectively, and printed course materials must be updated.

Why Have CoreAxis Convert Your ILT Courses?


CoreAxis has been developing eLearning courses for the better part of two decades. Our eLearning developers and instructional designers will review your current ILT content and make the appropriate recommendations to enrich your content for an eLearning environment.


We create customized eLearning courses with your brand’s identity and voice in mind.


We create eLearning courses at all levels of interactivity to suit your unique needs. Our team can build anything from a basic course to a highly interactive one (including scenarios, AR/VR, games, and interactive videos.)

Professional Voiceover

We offer professional voiceover to engage learners throughout your course.

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