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Augmented Reality Training

In the past several years there has been a lot of discussion on the use of enhanced reality in learning and development. Companies like Apple and Microsoft are betting on it to deliver unique user experiences and drive sales of their enhanced reality-compatible devices and apps.

Augmented reality may involve external tools, but it doesn’t require them. It uses a real environment and overlays it with visual and auditory enhancements.

Imagine that you have call center employees who are responsible for handling a high volume of inbound calls. Navigating the system, resolving caller issues, and ensuring they hit their KPIs require a solid training foundation and the ability to navigate quickly from one task to the next. Now, imagine that there is an application that works in tandem with the call handling system and, as the employee moves their mouse around the screen, an intuitive overlay appears providing additional context on the system, the issue, or the caller. That’s A/R in action.

Let’s take that same call center and move over to the technical support side. Suppose your agent is helping a caller navigate the set-up of a new product. With A/R, the agent can use live video feed for real-time support on how to connect the device. Not only does this give the caller a faster resolution, but it makes the tech support agent more efficient.

Those are just two instances where A/R can help with customer-facing situations, and A/R additionally provides an advantage when it comes to internal training, as discussed here

Why You Need Augmented Reality in
Your Training Arsenal

  • A/R eliminates the need for the expert to be in the same physical location as the learner which makes operations more efficient
  • A/R provides a deep level of knowledge transfer and skills application which helps employees be more productive with fewer errors.
  • It can provide robust development of core skills, too. Communication, conflict resolution, and leadership acumen can all be enhanced through the use of augmented reality training
  • Whatever the task, role, or expected outcome, augmented reality can deliver an engaging learner experience, provide a risk-free environment to practice newly acquired skills, and help reduce time-to-competency

Why Core Axis

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Customer Experience

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Deployment & Tracking

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Dynamic Updates

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Current Courseware

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