CoreAxis offers customized Mobile Training App Development for today’s learners. Incorporate interactivity, video, audio, AR/VR, gamification, security & more.

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Mobile Training App Development for
Today’s Learners

Like the rest of the world’s service providers, training has had to keep up with the speed of technology and the needs of learners. Your employees want immediate answers to their questions --- and now they get them by simply talking into their phone. Shouldn’t your training be as sophisticated?

Innovate Forward

The trend in learning innovation is rapidly moving away from the traditional “push” model to a “pull” model where users can access training materials and information on-demand. With mobile traffic now outpacing desktop traffic at a rate of 58% to 42%, the need for flexible training options is only going to continue. At CoreAxis, our goal is to be a resource and guide to help your company to stay on the cutting-edge of learning technologies that will drive successful business outcomes – now and in the future.

Mobile Training Apps offer many advantages for learners, including:

  • Familiarity:

    Today’s learners are experienced at using mobile apps on their smartphones. The platform is less intimidating, making users more likely to take advantage of online learning opportunities.

  • Increased Engagement:

    With so many options to build in interactivity and gamification strategies, you can take your company’s learning from ho-hum to fun!

  • Convenience:

    Your learners don’t want to wait for information. They want access to content when and where they need it. Mobile training apps offer the flexibility for learners to access your training on their time.


Whether you have an existing idea for a mobile training app you’d like developed, or would like to explore what’s possible, our experts will consult with you about your company’s training needs and resource gaps to present the best mobile training app solutions for your business – customized to your requirements and branding guidelines.

By including mobile training apps in your company’s suite of training programs today, you will be well- positioned to be at the forefront of L&D for years to come.

CoreAxis Offers Mobile Training App Development in These Popular Areas, and More!

Virtual and Augmented Reality Apps

Virtual and Augmented Reality Apps

Brain Teasing Apps

Brain Teasing Apps

Language Learning Apps

Language Learning Apps

Online Learning Apps

Online Learning Apps

Our mobile training app development solutions provide everything you need to get started. From project lifecycle consultations, design and development of content (audio, video, quizzes, if/then scenarios), to building interactivity, gamification, AR/VR, and security features into your training app…

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