Why Metaverse Training Should Be On Your Radar

Metaverse Training

L&D professionals have faced more than a few challenges over the past two years. The shift to remote learning has L&D leaders looking to develop remote interactive and collaborative spaces to promote safe yet effective training programs. On the business side, things have gone digital as well. Web-based team communication and collaboration tools have become […]

From the Big Bang to the Metaverse: The Evolution of Learning

Metaverse Training

It’s official: Web 2.0 has given way to Web 3.0 (or Web3D). The rise of metaverse training is poised to take 2022 by storm, and we’re here to guide you through the hype and the tech to boil down the learning aspect. With the impending release of Microsoft Mesh, companies are about to make a […]

What do new hires expect from remote onboarding?

Remote onboarding

The challenge to engage with new hires during onboarding is nothing new—but Covid has opened up a can of worms. As you may be aware, the average US employer spends $4,000 and 24 days to onboard a new employee, but as much as 20% of turnover takes place in the first 45 days! Clearly, the […]

How to Build a Learning Culture With a Growth Mindset

Learning programs

Many organizations are confident that they’re successfully delivering a learning culture. After all, they have the tools and content readily available to them and their learners. Their L&D teams have developed and delivered high-impact learning programs in a variety of engaging modalities. Perhaps they’re leveraging cutting edge technologies like virtual reality, AR and even meta-verse […]

The Top Remote Skills Your Employees Need for 2022


With so much disruption between 2020–2021, it’s hard to imagine a static condition to which organizations and their employees will eventually return. As an industry, L&D has been mostly scrambling and putting out fires to provide continuity to their learning programs and continuing to engage and excite learners as best they can. However, as circumstances […]

Why Your Organization Needs an L&D Playbook

Coaching Culture

By August of this year, a whopping 4.3 million American workers quit their jobs in a mass exodus that has been called the “Great Resignation.” Since then, companies have fought to both attract quality talent and to retain the talent they already have. With the average cost of training a new employee averaging between “one-half […]

Leadership Development Essentials for 2022

Leadership development

As companies turn towards hybrid workplaces, culture is rising to become a top priority. The pandemic revealed many things within the workplace that might have been quietly brewing for decades (or not so quietly). The shift to “people-first” culture has put considerable stress on some companies that had traditionally been “work-first” or “revenue-first.” Now the […]

When Is Staff Augmentation the Right Choice for Your Organization?

Staff Augmentation for your organization

The old adage says: You can have your project done quickly, with quality, and under budget — but never all three. Amazingly, taking an agile talent approach can help to achieve the impossible and address all three areas. While businesses may struggle to remain competitive through COVID-19, taking a staff augmentation approach will greatly support […]

How Staff Augmentation Can Reduce Q4 Uncertainty

Staff Augmentation

In the months ahead, L&D professionals are facing a potential talent shortage. There is marked uncertainty when it comes to determining who will be returning, and who won’t. As the COVID era wanes, it’s leaving behind a slew of unsatisfied employees in its wake. While some adapted to remote work, others found the added pressure […]