Leadership Development Essentials for 2022

Leadership development

As companies turn towards hybrid workplaces, culture is rising to become a top priority. The pandemic revealed many things within the workplace that might have been quietly brewing for decades (or not so quietly). The shift to “people-first” culture has put considerable stress on some companies that had traditionally been “work-first” or “revenue-first.” Now the […]

When Is Staff Augmentation the Right Choice for Your Organization?

Staff Augmentation for your organization

The old adage says: You can have your project done quickly, with quality, and under budget — but never all three. Amazingly, taking an agile talent approach can help to achieve the impossible and address all three areas. While businesses may struggle to remain competitive through COVID-19, taking a staff augmentation approach will greatly support […]

How Staff Augmentation Can Reduce Q4 Uncertainty

Staff Augmentation

In the months ahead, L&D professionals are facing a potential talent shortage. There is marked uncertainty when it comes to determining who will be returning, and who won’t. As the COVID era wanes, it’s leaving behind a slew of unsatisfied employees in its wake. While some adapted to remote work, others found the added pressure […]

How to Empower Employees Through a Shift to a Hybrid Culture

Hybrid Culture

In so many personal and professional ways, COVID has caused a global change that has impacted the way that organizations conduct business and manage their human capital. Business plans needed to pivot. New technologies were introduced to support remote teams. Learning strategies were forced to pursue alternative modalities. Digital and culture transformation are no longer […]

How Coaching Can Bridge the Generational Gap in Your Workplace

Coaching culture

If you want to read about the characteristic differences between Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Gen Y, there is more than enough information on the internet to fuel your interests. While we can identify multigenerational attributes and stereotypes, it doesn’t help to better understand the people behind the statistics. Sometimes, separating people into categories […]

How to support diversity in your coaching and training

diversity in your coaching and training

Providing effective diversity, equity, and inclusion training to leadership has been a challenge for decades. The research continues to mount proving that D&I programs are not achieving the desired results. And yet, D&I is a major contributor to job satisfaction along with recruiting and retention of top talent. Much like any other form of training, […]

Succession planning and training modalities to support it

Succession planning

In the uncertain world following the COVID pandemic, succession planning has taken a principal seat at the table. Organizations looking to remain resilient are putting more emphasis on succession planning as part of their employee training and development strategy to manage an uncertain future in the wake of early (or anticipated) retirements or attrition of […]

CoreAxis Named to The Best eLearning Content Providers For Mobile Learning 2021

Southborough, MA, August 3, 2021 – CoreAxis is pleased to announce they have been named a Top Content Provider for Mobile Learning by eLearning Industry for 2021. eLearning Industry evaluated hundreds of custom content development companies and short-listed the top-notch providers, selecting CoreAxis to the list. Most companies are looking for mobility and alternative ways […]

How to Build an Effective Coaching Culture

Coaching Culture

What does it take to improve job satisfaction amongst your employees? According to research, people feel more valued in their work when their organization has a clearly articulated and lived culture. This is even more an issue with the return of workers from pandemic restrictions and work-from-home rules. As organizations either plan for in-person work, […]

Managing Virtual Teams

Managing virtual teams

While everyone is eager to return to some semblance of the life that existed before the pandemic, when it comes to work, the jury is still out. Current research suggests that a staggering 100% of employees are experiencing a great deal of stress at the thought of returning to the office. A common misconception is […]