Why Learning Experience Design is Trending High

Instructional designers are asked to provide many areas of expertise. They are called on to be experimenters, data scientists, game designers, developers, adult learning best practices experts, and UX/UI pros. They must be prepared to invent solutions that fit the needs of their learners. In short, they are innovators. As learning experts, instructional designers are […]

How Blended Learning Assists Organizational Adaptability

How Blended Learning Assists Organizational Adaptability

Adaptability has become an important company value over the past five to ten years. Technology and industries change fast, and organizations have to be able to pivot to keep up with them and stay stable. The importance of this became even more profound in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to continue operating, […]

Content Curation

Content Curation

Content curation is the practice of sharing someone else’s content with your audience. Consider a museum: the curator meticulously chooses the most valuable pieces that will have the biggest impact on the museum’s audience. In addition, we see it multiple, even countless, times a day in social media—every repost, retweet, and forwarded message is a […]

Training as a Recruitment and Retention Tool

Training as a Recruitment and Retention Tool

In a world where technological advancements and innovations take place faster than ever before, it is essential to constantly update our skills. Most acquired skills in today’s ever-changing corporate world become less relevant by the day! Having employees with updated skillsets is undoubtedly beneficial to a company’s well-being. Interestingly, however, employees themselves benefit greatly from […]

Boost Compliance Training Effectiveness Through Gamification

Training Effectiveness Through Gamification

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear compliance training? Boring! Research conducted by Elucidat shows that “70% of compliance training is over 30 minutes long, which contributes to the boredom factor.” With 34% of people just skimming through the content and 15% clicking through without listening, you must realize that […]

CoreAxis Named a Top Experiential Learning Technologies Company 2021

Southborough, MA : CoreAxis Consulting is pleased to announce they have been named to the list of Top Experiential Learning Technologies Companies in 2021 by TrainingIndustry.com. CoreAxis works closely with their clients to develop effective learning technology solutions that incorporate augmented reality, virtual reality, and gamification for corporate learning applications. Effective experiential learning technologies allow […]

Gamification and Microlearning: A Dream Team


One idea to make learning more engaging is combining gamification and microlearning for corporate training. When you put these two learning strategies together, you will be able to address your learners’ short attention spans, offset their forgetting curve and increase learning at the moment of need. Furthermore, you will help increase their motivation, improve their […]

6 Surprising Ways Coaching Benefits Your Business

Executive coaching

Imagine a baseball game: bottom of the ninth and bases are loaded. The underdog is set to win the whole thing, and the only problem? The coach is nowhere to be found. Sure, a capable team could probably work out a strategy and put in their heaviest hitter, but without the coach’s years of experience, […]

Virtual Performance Management—CoreAcademy

Virtual performance management

Why is performance management always a hot topic? Because the majority of employees want feedback and organizations want high-performing teams. Performance management can be challenging in person and now that we live in a virtual world, it brings even more challenges but it is not impossible. As your organization adjusts to your new normal, it […]

How to Create a Culture of High-Performing Teams—CoreAcademy

Creating a culture of high performing teams

Having a culture of high-performing teams is something that every company dreams of. The question is, are you willing to do what it takes to create and nourish such a culture? Your organizational culture has become more transparent—no longer can you just state what you want to show to the outside world on your social […]