5 Benefits of Mobile Learning

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According to the Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans now own a smartphone. The prevalence of mobile technology has affected almost every aspect of our daily lives, from shopping to transportation. In an age when we are more connected than ever, it is misguided for anyone to ignore the impact and prevalence of mobile technology.
Mobile learning is currently helping employers across the globe train employees more effectively and efficiently than previous methods allowed. Companies that have already embraced the eLearning principles of personalization, flexibility, and convenience have begun reaping rewards of this innovative technology. This innovative learning solution is not limited to an niche, either: mobile learning can be used in every industry. Additionally, companies can adapt their existing educational materials and training programs to the mobile learning format.
Here are just a few reasons your company should incorporate mobile learning into your training system.

1. It’s great for younger workers, and useful for all generations.

As with most technology, mobile learning was created to keep pace with younger generations of users. However, this does not mean that older workers cannot experience its benefits as well. There are plenty of Millennials who are leery of digital fads, and plenty of Baby Boomers who eagerly embrace the newest technological innovations. Mobile learning is designed for all employees, regardless of age.

2. Training programs are always available (even when a computer is not).

Mobile learning is asynchronous, meaning that students learn the same material at different times and locations (compared to synchronous learning, which is based in a classroom). Consider how much productivity is delayed (not “lost,” because all training is, after all, productive) when staff must stop working on their current assignments or projects to attend training sessions that last anywhere from thirty minutes to an entire day. This is disruptive to say the least. With mobile learning, your workers can schedule their own training when they find it most convenient. Al can finish a unit during his lunch break, while Cyril goes over the materials as he waits for his train.

3. Learners will be more comfortable.

As a training professional, you understand that your employees have different styles of learning. While most people are generally okay with classroom settings (indeed, some of your workers might thrive with Instructor-Led Training (ILT)), others need a more individualized experience. Mobile learning is ideal for them. HR professionals must also consider more esoteric issues. For example, your company probably requires training on corporate policies that can be somewhat sensitive in nature–namely, bullying, harassment, and discrimination. Your company must educate all employees on these delicate subjects if you want to foster a healthy and welcoming corporate culture. However, some employees might feel uncomfortable learning about these issues in a public environment. Mobile training will help you ensure that all of your employees receive training in an effective and comfortable manner.

4. Mobile learning offers greater flexibility.

Pam is the human resources director for a team known to be particular about their tech: Lana has the latest Galaxy, Cheryl loves her iPad, and Ray is glued to his Pixel. She wants to use mobile learning for the much-needed refresher training on corporate policies, but CEO Mallory thinks that the company would have to spend money buying everyone the same “ePod or sPhone.” Not a problem! Mobile learning allows you to access the same training program over different operating systems and mobile devices. Whether your workers have smartphones or tablets, whether they use iOS or Android, mobile learning can adapt.

5. There are more options for personalization.

Most companies have a very diverse workforce, with team members of different backgrounds, ages, races, et cetera. This diversity also includes diverse learning styles and learning challenges. Mobile training allows corporate education programs to cater to different learning styles without the HR staff being forced to create an individual program to each and every employee. Each worker will have access to the learning module and–before the deadline set by the company–be able to set his/her own pace.
Mobile learning has many more advantages, but these benefits are most frequently referenced. Your team can register, monitor, and test your employees easily using mobile learning. While it might cost slightly more up front, mobile learning programs pay for themselves with their incredible results. You will notice an increase in productivity and engagement among your employees thanks to this innovative eLearning solution.

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