5 Reasons You May Need Staff Augmentation for Your L&D Team

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Supporting the success of your business model requires the right staff with the right skills and knowledge. In some cases, retraining and upskilling existing employees is a viable option—but it takes time. In an age of constant and rapid change, time is becoming more and more a dwindling commodity. On the other hand, finding skilled professionals, new employees, or temporary talent can be the most effective way to fill talent gaps and increase the capabilities and productivity of your teams. In this case, exploring the benefits of staff augmentation for learning and development may be the boost your L&D team needs.

Let’s take a closer look at why many organizations are turning towards staff augmentation and agile talent as a solution to address the challenges of delivering learning programs rapidly and effectively.

Staff Augmentation Reduces Time to Hire

You already know how lengthy a process it is to vet, hire, and train new employees. The average time-to-hire ranges from 25 days for retail employees up to 42 days for IT. Competition for high-value skills can be fierce, and many organizations struggle to win top talent. Skilled learning and development professionals are no exception.

Finding the perfect fit with specific capabilities and experience can be a daunting task and takes L&D professionals away from more pressing work involving the critical needs of the business. Working with a staff augmentation vendor, you can have access to an enormous pool of talent. A vendor can assume much of the responsibility of helping you determine your specific talent needs (now and for the future) and supply you with a list of qualified applicants.

A shift to on-demand talent capacity allows you to take a lean and agile approach to project management. This means you can execute new projects quickly, reducing the time to deliver on learning while supporting and supplementing your existing L&D team.

Rapid Delivery of L&D Projects

If you haven’t noticed, the main theme of this article (and of staff augmentation in general) is speed—the ability to design, develop, and deliver on L&D programs quickly. While using staff augmentation can speed up time-to-hire, it can also help you to work quickly and develop new programs at scale. 

With the growing need for companies to teach workers leadership, adapt to a change management initiative, or be flexible and resilient to a shifting business strategy, L&D teams need to be agile. A staff augmentation vendor who specializes in L&D talent will enable your ability to meet challenges competitively. They can help you increase your delivery time and even help you integrate new hires into your existing team.

Increased Potential for Quality Full-Time Hires

When you hire a full-time team member, you’re taking a risk. The cost to onboard and train is extremely high, and if they don’t work out, the losses are significant. In fact, SHRM estimates that the average cost-per-hire is around $4,129, and LinkedIn Learning suggests that the cost of attrition for each employee could be 50%-250% of his or her annual salary. 

Taking a staff augmentation approach to finding talent allows you to test out the capabilities of candidates before you consider hiring them full time. Part-time hires can easily prove their value and become full-time employees that have proven capabilities and knowledge. As a bonus, they already understand your company’s values and culture and have already been through the onboarding process. On the other hand, if you’re satisfied with the immediate outcomes of your temporary talent, you can easily move on from them, no harm done.

Reduced Hassle With Contracts

Because your staff augmentation vendor deals with the tedious part of hiring (e.g., contracts, payments, insurance, etc.) you have less to deal with on your end. Because your vendor already understands your company culture and L&D strategy, they will only present candidates that are qualified and can bring value to your strategy.

Vendors also provide support during the termination of employment. The vendor takes care of all the contracts and paperwork so you don’t have to. Again, you have the freedom to try out talent without having to commit to a long-term contract, and the vendor takes care of all the bureaucracy involved.

Staff Augmentation Provides an Opportunity for Innovation

Often, L&D is cautious about initiating a new idea for a learning project because of the risk of allocating team resources, including time and budget. Agile talent provides value to your projects by adding talent with the specific capabilities and skills to augment your existing team. This boosts your team’s capabilities, allowing them to take on innovative projects with less risk.

You have the option to hire a single person or outsource an entire project to an L&D staff augmentation team. This allows you to try out a new learning initiative (e.g., virtual reality learning) and reap the benefits without disrupting your internal team’s tasks, leaving them (and you) the time to focus on more pressing issues and specific business demands.

Added Value of Staff Augmentation

Does your team need a fresh perspective? Could it benefit from expert coaching from cutting-edge learning professionals? When you bring in outside talent, you can also profit from their years (or decades) of professional experience. They can bring insight from other projects they’ve worked on and other organizations they’ve worked with.

What’s even more exciting is that you’re hiring new team members who are enthusiastic about the work they do. They’re ready and eager to integrate into your team and hit the ground running. Not only do they help ease the potential load your team is facing, they can bring a new perspective to energize your team.

Find a Vendor That Understands L&D

To maximize the impact and value of working with temporary talent, you need a talent vendor who specializes in learning and can help you find talent tailored to your unique needs. They should have a deep understanding of the type of work you do and the kind of talent that will make the greatest impact. They’re not just a recruitment firm. They must be a learning partner who understands the needs of L&D and can support you with innovative solutions and advise you on best practices for learning strategies.

CoreAxis has a proven track record of helping organizations leverage staff augmentation for their learning and business strategy. They work with organizations to reduce the stress of finding the perfect fit and help L&D professionals clear non-essential tasks from their plate. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help connect you with expert L&D talent for your agile strategy.

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