5 Ways to Get Started with Microlearning

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Microlearning is the development and delivery of short, just-in-time learning modules, typically less than 5 minutes in length. These microlearning elements often roll up into stackable learning paths and curriculums. It’s incredibly effective for on-the-job instructions, as well as mobile learning solutions. And it’s been shown to increase engagement and retention, making it well worth the investment of time and energy.
But what’s the best method for your organization to implement?
Consider these 5 strategies to get started with microlearning:


This is the process of taking the material and breathing life into it by applying game-like attributes. It may include levels to reach, competition with others, prizes to win, etc. This has been shown to increase engagement as well. Combine gamification with microlearning, creating micro-games. it’s even easier for users to digest and retain the information this way. They’re also more likely to enjoy it!


Podcasts are gaining enthusiasts by leaps and bounds, and they can be used for microlearning as well. They’re easy to produce and can be accessed virtually anywhere. And by creating short, audio productions, users can listen in as they perform other activities (like commuting, or exercising or even cooking dinner). It allows them to do so at their own convenience and pace. This will likely increase engagement and retention as well.


One of the biggest challenges an organization faces when attempting to train employees is boredom or disengagement. This is often because lectures or seminars or videos drone on forever. The average person’s attention span is simply not that long (and attention spans in general seem to be shrinking). Video is one of the best ways to implement microlearning. Take one topic or piece of information and make a quick video to teach it in 5 minutes or less. Employees will pay attention for that length of time and they’ll retain the information as a result. If you have a longer lecture or video, segment it down by topic. This will create stackable videos that can make up the full curriculum but still be accessed one by one in smaller chunks.


Blogs have been effectively teaching various topics across every industry for some time now, and they can be used for microlearning as well. Think short, concise essays on one topic or skill. Matter-of-fact ‘how-to’ articles and lists. Even social media can be considered a form of microblogging.


Quick quizzes might make more sense than longer, more comprehensive exams. Think: microtest. Evaluate your learners at the end of each microlearning session instead of testing them on the entire curriculum at once at the end. This not only allows you to effectively monitor the effectiveness of each module, but it also ensures that your learners are retaining the information as they go.  
If you’re interested in getting started with microlearning, think about the outlets and delivery systems you already have in place. Then evaluate how you might break down your content into smaller, bite-sized chunks in order to more effectively engage you audience through those outlets. Think small. That’s the key to microlearning. Less is more.  
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