Classroom Learning vs. Virtual Learning: How to Get Started

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Deciding whether or not to include virtual learning in your training program can be tricky. There are benefits to both classroom learning as well as virtual learning, but how do you know which is right for your company? To begin, let’s break down what each brings to the table.

Classroom Learning versus Virtual Learning

A traditional classroom setting involves instruction through lecturing and the interaction of learners with peers and instructors. In-person classroom learning has been the mainstay of training programs in the past, however, 86% of companies are beginning to or have already started using online classrooms and resources. This is largely a result of increased online capabilities, which provide greater accessibility to instructors, course content and assets. For learners, web-based instruction—a virtual classroom—is considered a valuable aspect of training programs. In addition, the introduction of online resources has resulted in learners’ more active involvement in their own training process.

What Does Virtual Learning Have to Offer?

Virtual learning comes with a plethora of benefits when compared to traditional learning. With effective training, knowledge transfer using virtual learning and classroom learning are similar in results. However, in-person classroom training can be costly and complex for many organizations. Online courses offer comparable learning experiences for students.

Virtual training for complex tasks can create a higher level of satisfaction among learners. In addition, learners generate a greater sense of capability throughout their training. Virtual learning and classroom learning provide similar results for employee knowledge acquisition; however, for more complex tasks that require a hands-on approach, virtual learning provides a better outcome. Using a virtual training program can create a competitive advantage for your company, reach previously isolated audiences, add flexibility to your programs and reduce costs of travel, time away from work and more.

How to Implement Virtual Training at Your Company

Given the benefits of virtual training, you might be thinking about how you can use it at your company. Implementing virtual training can seem overwhelming, but there are a few questions you can ask and easy steps you can take to get started.

1. When is virtual training right for you?

There are a few things to consider when deciding whether or not virtual training is right for your company. First, look at where the majority of your employees are. Are they remote or all under the same roof? Also, consider whether or not your employees have the required technology and the right learning environment. Are they going to be attempting to learn while trying to accomplish other tasks, or will they have the appropriate space and resources to effectively learn the material?

2. What does virtual training mean to your company?

Virtual training can have many different definitions. Make sure when putting a training program in place that you clearly define what it means for your company. Think about what it will look like—will it be online during work hours, or will it be in conjunction with face-to-face training sessions? What tools will your team need to complete the training? Solidify your plan and create goals for what you would like to accomplish with the training.

3. Have a good team.

Make sure to build support from within the company for the implementation. It can be difficult to get total buy-in if your employees do not believe in the program. Create a team to help design and shape your virtual training program.

4. Start small.

Choose an initiative that can be accomplished fairly easily. Make sure it includes a reasonably-sized group and is a simple topic to help build backing for the program.

5. Seek out help.

Starting these programs from scratch can be difficult. Utilize resources, such a CoreAxis Consulting, to help with any questions or concerns you might have.

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