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CoreAxis Go1 Partnership

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  • Why we decided to partner with Go1 online training courses
  • Go1 online training courses―The best learning content partner
  • Go1 + CoreAxis = A winning combination for your online training

When you search for the right partner, you want to choose someone with shared business values and a common goal―to succeed together. Not only that, you also partner with people, people you respect and enjoy working with. These are the reasons why CoreAxis is proud to partner with Go1 to help you rapidly deliver high-quality learning content to your workforce.

We have been around for 20 years, and have developed a large array of eLearning courses that cover in-demand content. In order to fully support your training needs, we’ve partnered with Go1 to fulfill your requests in case we do not have an appropriate learning solution.

Go1 serves as a hub for learning ecosystems, with connections to learning management systems and online learning providers.

Why Go1 is the Best Partner

We were inspired by the mission of Go1 “to unlock positive potential through a love for learning”. It is not only the shared love for learning, but also the shared desire to help individuals develop themselves while helping organizations reach their full potential at the same time that makes this a great partnership. Go1 is the right partner for us because of their commitment to improving lives through learning and training. They are recognized and backed by relevant investors, and have managed to expand worldwide in a short period of time. This was important to us because we like to partner with established leaders and teams with extensive experience in different industries and regions.

We also knew that by having access to their more than 100,000 resources we would be able to fulfill any type of content and training need while quickly enabling teams to further develop their skills. This diverse eLearning library helps us enrich our training programs so that we’re always ready to support you in delivering on your L&D strategy. If the content is relevant, engaging and motivating, it will also be successful and bring the results you want. And that is exactly what this partnership achieves.

How Can You Leverage the Go1 Benefits via CoreAxis?

Now that you know how great Go1 is and why we decided to partner with them, we want to share how you can benefit from this partnership.

All you need to do is choose your learning topics. We do everything else.

Put your mind at ease when it comes to:

  • Platform pricing and contract length: We will get you everything you need for your project, so no need to worry about the number of users or the duration of your commitment.
  • Technical details: We cover all the details around how to incorporate everything into your existing platform/system.
  • Device accessibility: Your content is available on all devices, and even with your branding per your request.
  • Customization: We can add your specific content and examples to fully customize the training programs to your needs.

Ready to Choose a Topic?

Check out our CoreAxis learning suite and select a course that best fits your requirements. Whether you prefer off-the-shelf courses or customized ones, we’ve got you covered. Make sure to take a peek at program overviews, and if you would like to see topics that are not in the library, contact us to share your ideas!

About CoreAxis

CoreAxis is a business performance consulting company that offers training solutions to businesses in a variety of industries, such as financial, life sciences, retail and technology. Each of these solutions can be fully customized to meet the needs of the individual client. We build collaborative relationships, becoming a trusted resource and ensuring our clients’ organizational success.

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