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There are a lot of companies that offer to teach you cookie-cutter classes on any number of topics—classes that may be pre-recorded and are pulled from their library of classes. While there is value to be found in this theoretically—they often have talented and knowledgeable instructors—they fail to engage their core audience because they’re so generic. 

When you need to solve a problem in your workplace, whether it’s poor salesmanship or poor leadership or diversity problems or safety errors, you can obviously go to these cookie-cutter companies and get a bunch of generic, blanket-statement courses that address big picture issues but may never drill down to address the specific issues that your office is facing. What you need is not a textbook that will teach you the basics; what you need is a carefully curated curriculum that will be custom built to serve your business’s specific concerns and needs. 

A wise man once said that “when we deal in generalities we will never have success, but when we deal in specifics we will rarely have a failure.” This is absolutely true of teaching. When we teach broadly we’ll get marginal results, but when we teach to the core of the problem we’ll win.

What Does Custom e-Learning Mean?

Custom e-Learning means that, while we have an archive of intelligent courses taught by experts in their fields, we customize each and every course to address the needs of your organization in a way that your people can best understand it and make use of it. 

At a very surface level, the training is branded with your company brand: you won’t be showing your employees a video that appears to be made by some third party they’ve never heard of. If you run ABC Building Supply and you’re teaching a safety course, then the class will be branded as ABC Building Supply, not “Safety International” or some other company that your employees have no vested interest in.

But it goes far beyond branding. If you’re running ABC Building Supply and you need to teach safety, we’re going to create a course that is specially suited to building supply needs. It won’t be classes about the ergonomics of desks and repetitive motion injuries while using a computer’ it will be classes about forklift safety and personal protective equipment and proper methods for using sharps like saws and knives. 

The same goes for salesmanship classes. If you’re running ABC Building Supply, then the class won’t be teaching you how to sell cars or TVs—it will be teaching you how to sell lumber and plywood. And if you work for XYZ Financial Services then the salesmanship classes will be about how to close deals with investors and how to upsell them on financial products. 

The point is that the classes are specially suited to fit the needs of you and your company, not the needs of some other company in some other industry. 

And if you are coming to us from ABC Building Supply to ask for a course in diversity training, we won’t dust off our “Industrial Products Diversity Training” folder and then slap your logo on it and make a couple of tweaks. No, we work with you from the very start. If it’s diversity training that you’re needing, we want to know the exact problems that your company is facing and why you are asking for the training, because we want our diversity training to speak to the specific needs of you and your business. Only you know the issues that your company is facing, and only you can tell us what we need to focus on in our instruction. 

In fact, just throw out altogether the notion that we’re dusting off any folders of previous training and rebranding them. That’s not how we do things. You come to us and tell us that you have a problem with Difficult Conversations or Presentation Skills or Being an Effective Team Member. That’s when we start the process of developing your course. Now, don’t get us wrong—we have experts in these fields who have taught these courses before—but this will be the first time that they have ever taught these courses to you and your team at ABC Building Supply. In fact, if you had us teach you a course in Healthy Conflict at ABC Building Supply, and then another company, Smith Lumber Products, wanted us to teach a course in Healthy Conflict, those two classes would be different. Because you have your specific goals, and they have their specific goals, and we don’t begin writing curriculum and preparing courses until after starting at the very beginning, the ideation stage. The reason you want to teach about Healthy Conflict might be entirely different from the reason they want to teach about Healthy Conflict.

And we tailor it to you. That’s the whole point. The classes are tailored to you, your needs, and your employees. 

What Courses Does CoreAxis Offer?

So what courses do we offer? We have an extensive list. There are so many ways that a company can work to improve itself and improve its employees that there’s no reason for a one-size-fits-all approach. 

We have three core categories of classes: our Learning Suite; our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; and our Safety, Soft Skills and Remote Training. 

And, of course, if you need something taught that is not outlined in any of these areas, just contact us and we’ll get the right experts to work forming a class on that topic for you.

Learning Suite

Our learning suite consists of classes that are our most frequently requested. Though we will work with you to customize and change any aspect of these classes, these courses are ones that we teach most frequently and can be available at almost a moment’s notice.

Some of the categories in the learning suite include Personal Development (which includes courses like Building Relationships & Social Capital, Communication & Active Listening, Critical Thinking, and Influencing Others). We currently have 42 classes in Personal Development, and are always adding more.

Another category in the learning suite is Leadership & People Managers (with classes like Coaching for Leaders, Emotional Intelligence, Women in Leadership, and High Performance Virtual Teams.) We have 31 classes in Leadership & People Managers.

It is our Learning Suite that enables us to be ready to move quickly and efficiently in tailoring these concepts to your company’s specific needs. But—again—if you are looking for something else, a custom course we don’t have in our learning suite, just ask and we’ll get to work on it.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion branch is not a specific list of classes, but is instead an opportunity for you to work with us in creating a class that can address difficult and sensitive topics. We know that these courses help in the workplace: they enable workers to get along with each other better, and therefore be more productive. We also know that these courses increase job satisfaction and boost employee retention, because when employees feel valued and embraced by their leaders and their coworkers, they will be more prone to stay with the company longer.

Whether your business needs a class in dealing with racism in the workplace, or sexual harassment, or even unconcious bias, we can create a course for you. That’s the beauty of custom e-learning development courses: you tell us the problem that happened at your company, we talk back and forth about potential causes and work environments that led to the event, and we’ll create a class that can tackle the hard problem.

Safety, Soft Skills, and Remote Training

This category encompasses quite a bit, but it shows our dedication to creating a custom e-learning class tailored to your needs. If you need a class on safety, even detailed classes about OSHA requirements, we have experts who can speak on those topics. If you’re trying to get your sales team to perform better, we can teach them the soft skills (like building relationships and identifying needs) that will help turn them around. And in this new post-COVID world, we even have classes on how to manage a team that is permanently remote. 


Whatever class you’re looking for, whether it’s in our Learning Suite or not, we will be able to create a custom e-learning course for you that will be specific to the needs of your business and help your individual employees. We have a wealth of experience and are developing more courses all the time.

Are you ready to try out custom e-learning courses?

About CoreAxis

CoreAxis is a business performance consulting company that offers training solutions to businesses in a variety of industries, such as financial, life sciences, retail and technology. Each of these solutions can be fully customized to meet the needs of the individual client. We build collaborative relationships, becoming a trusted resource and ensuring our clients’ organizational success.

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