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Traditionally, emotion was to be left at home before coming to work. However, recent studies have shown that the most effective way of learning is, in fact, through emotions; they enhance motivation, and result in improved memorization. Emotional reactions in the brain have neurological impacts that are scientifically proven to prolong the life of knowledge in our memories. Although the technical and scientific reasoning for this phenomena is extremely complex, it also makes sense, even in the simplest of terms. As humans, we subconsciously build a relationship with information that resonates with us; therefore, incorporating emotion into learning programs will inevitably deliver great success for businesses. Below is a list of some of the most important benefits of enhancing learning by considering emotion:

Reduced Costs

With more efficient learning, and higher engagement among learners, businesses are able to get a larger return on their investment when incorporating emotion into their learning materials.

Improved Relationships within the Organization

The notion of being understood sparks tremendous empathy within the members of a business’ community. This results in more efficient communication and goal alignment among company employees.

Enhanced Motivation

By positively influencing their employees, businesses excite their community about the corporation and its values. This incentivizes employees to deliver greater productivity and efficiency.

Emotion is often falsely associated only with face-to-face contact; nonetheless, businesses can have tremendous empathetic influence on their employees through virtual means. With the work environment shifting online, it has become increasingly important for businesses to spark emotion in their employees. Below is a list of methods with which corporations can incorporate emotion into their teams’ learning experiences, through virtual and innovative means:

Learn About the Learners

Obviously, in order to have the most emotional impact on someone, we must be aware of their emotional behaviors and understand them as people, beyond just knowing their job description. Companies can do this by having employees fill out behavioral surveys or questionnaires prior to the release of training programs.

Start with One Emotion

Although using emotion is a largely effective technique, it is also extremely delicate. Businesses must be wary of going too far. In addition, by drawing attention to a single emotion or behavior, businesses can strategically influence other emotions without crossing any personal boundaries.

Customization is Key

Employees inevitably have varied behaviors and boundaries. Therefore, organizations must understand the best practices to influence individual team members in order to maximize their impact.

Virtual Reality

The novelty of virtual reality is intriguing to everyone, regardless of their age. Corporations can use this attraction to deliver great quality learning solutions to employees, as they will be excited to engage in them.

Web Series

Web series are becoming a popular form of influencing employees through virtual means. By engaging learners with content through entertaining visual content, businesses can maximize the attention their employees pay to the material.

At CoreAxis, we blend the valuable impact of emotion in education with innovative learning solutions. With our custom content, we engage our clients’ employees with learning materials, and ensure their emotions are nurtured throughout the process. We are excited to deliver these solutions to virtual work environments, using state-of-the-art technologies in order to maximize our clients’ success during, and after, a smooth transition to online working platforms.

About CoreAxis

CoreAxis is a business performance consulting company that offers training solutions to businesses in a variety of industries, such as financial, life sciences, retail and technology. Each of these solutions can be fully customized to meet the needs of the individual client. We build collaborative relationships, becoming a trusted resource and ensuring our clients’ organizational success.

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