How Staff Augmentation Can Reduce Q4 Uncertainty

Staff Augmentation

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In the months ahead, L&D professionals are facing a potential talent shortage. There is marked uncertainty when it comes to determining who will be returning, and who won’t. As the COVID era wanes, it’s leaving behind a slew of unsatisfied employees in its wake. While some adapted to remote work, others found the added pressure of remaining productive while in lockdown a challenge. While some may welcome being back in the office, albeit part of the time, others are still managing homes or serving as caregivers and are finding it difficult to return to an office setting. In L&D, many teams were decimated, furloughing major portions of their team who subsequently went on to become contractors or freelancers, working with staff augmentation companies. Many of these may not want to leave the new-found freedom they have discovered.

At the same time, companies may be hesitant to jump back to normal. Before COVID, hiring freezes were already on the agenda for full-time, permanent positions at many organizations. With the need to reduce expenses, not all L&D teams are going to return to optimal capacity for a while. And we’re only in August!

The Need for L&D Is Strong

As organizations put the pedal to the metal for hiring, they’re also pushing to increase velocity within career progression and leadership development strategies. There has never been a stronger need for L&D to step up to the challenge and support their organizations with high-value learning programs to hire, retain, and promote key employees.

The need is there, but is the talent? Due to the lack of certainty, many L&D leaders are considering a staff augmentation strategy to temporarily fill gaps while building capacity. L&D has a task ahead of them and they need deep expertise to improve the capacity of team skills. Staff augmentation is a potential solution to place the right person or team in the right place to drive your L&D programs forward, crush deadlines, and build innovation and diversity into your team. Employing a staff augmentation strategy can help you manage unpredictability while providing just-in-time resources to help you hit your targets on time. And by circumventing your company’s freeze on hiring permanent employees, staff augmentation can allow you to build capacity without affecting payroll, while still supporting business flexibility and agility.

Staff Augmentation Reduces Uncertainty

The need to hire quality talent is at an all-time high. However, executive leadership surveys suggest that the talent pool is becoming more and more drained, with 51% of executive respondents saying that the biggest challenge is “not enough people with the right skill set.” This may be due to the fact that many workers have switched jobs and perhaps even industries to remain in a work situation that they prefer. With this talent shortage comes the need to restart hiring programs, potentially re-train or upskill existing employees to fill the need. However, as September rolls around, the timeline to fill key positions may put organizations at risk of underperformance and reduce growth potential.

Using a staff augmentation methodology, L&D can quickly fill individual positions or even entire teams. Because staff augmentation services are extremely flexible, you can reduce uncertainty of team composition by having access to a pool of L&D talent that accurately aligns to your immediate or long-term requirements. Using a flexible resourcing model allows you to avoid the negative business impact of the demand roller coaster by smoothing your staffing model.

Working with a proven staff augmentation vendor, you’ll be assured that candidates are fully sourced, vetted (background & reference verification), and ready to join your team. Staff augmentation services can fill the top most requested job roles, such as:

  • Instructional Design
  • Technical Writers
  • LMS Administrators
  • Facilitators/Trainers

Try Before You Buy to Reduce Risk

Staff augmentation is generally viewed as a stop gap measure, a temporary fix. But in many cases, staff augmentation strategies can lead to long-term success and permanent hires. Many of our consultants have gone on to receive full-time, permanent offers from the organizations in which they have been placed. Without the need to commit to onboarding a permanent employee, your organization can try out the services of one or a variety of L&D consultants. Through this process you can have the flexibility of “auditioning” a number of potential permanent candidates and reduce the risk of making errors in hiring.

Ready for Hybrid Work

You need to be confident that the L&D professionals you’re hiring are skilled at working remotely and fully prepared to hit the ground running in a hybrid workplace. Consultants will need to have the skills and abilities to effectively manage remote work and function as productively within virtual teams as they can in the office. Your staff augmentation vendor should be able to provide you with a pool of L&D talent that has the capabilities to work remotely and can bring those skills to the rest of your team.

One of the benefits of hiring a staff augmentation consultant is that they bring a fresh perspective to enhance the diversity of your existing team and organization. They may bring experience from other companies or different industries to share knowledge and skills that can positively impact your team.

If you’re entering with uncertainty into Q4 this year, consider reaching out to us to learn more about how staff augmentation can help you navigate the storm. We would love to introduce you to our top L&D talent and help you develop a strategy to maximize your team capabilities. Together we can find the perfect fit for your talent needs and support your business and learning strategies.

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