Evaluating Your Current LMS: How to Know if it's Time for a Change

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As a Learning and Development professional, one of the most important things you can do is to evaluate your current Learning Management Solution (LMS) to ensure it meets your needs. Your LMS is the most essential tool you have. Having one properly aligned with your needs and goals is crucial to making the most out of your overall investment in training. Does your current LMS offer everything your company needs to reach its desired learning outcomes? Does it allow you to create the eLearning courses you really need and want? Ask yourself the following four questions to find out.

4 Questions to Answer When Evaluating Your Current LMS

Will it meet your future needs (as well as your current)?

Your LMS likely meets your current needs, otherwise you’d be searching for a new one already. But, will it continue to meet your needs in the future? Consider what your training needs will be a year from now. Does your current LMS allow for add ons and updates that will keep its functionality on pace with the changing landscape? Is the design capable of evolving to meet future technological needs? Is mobile and responsive design up to par? These elements will continue to play a pivotal role in the evolution of Learning and Development. Will your current LMS be able to keep up?

Does it deliver when it comes to the most essential feature of an LMS?

The data that you gather from your LMS is invaluable information. It’s essential insight into your learner’s activity and the effectiveness of your eLearning program. Without it, you’re flying blind. This is why reporting is the most essential feature your LMS can offer. In order to achieve the best possible learning outcomes and optimize your ROI on L&D, you’ve got to have suitable reporting capabilities. Are you happy with what your current LMS has to offer in this category? Does it offer advanced reporting capabilities, filters and exporting methods? Does it create reports on a regular basis? Can you customize these reports to highlight the most pertinent information for your company? Basically, does it give you the important data you need, when and how you need it? If not, it might be time for a change.

Are the two most important eLearning delivery elements available?

The two most important elements for eLearning delivery are the mobile option and the synchronous option. Both capitalize on the technology now available to the industry. Both boost engagement and reduce costs. Does your LMS provide you with adequate capabilities for both? Can you offer learners access in a 24/7, location-independent platform? Can you host virtual meetings and discussions and online training events? These aspects of L&D will only become more vital as the future approaches. Be sure your current LMS won’t leave you at a disadvantage.

Does the level of customer service support match your needs?

Adequate customer service support can be the deciding factor between an LMS that your organization loves and an LMS that just doesn’t work. It’s important to have an LMS that gives you access to the level of support and troubleshooting your team needs. Does your current LMS offer 24/7 support via phone, chat or email? Does it simply offer an online forum or FAQ page? Is it something in between? The most important thing is for it to match what you need. The most sophisticated, expensive and expansive LMS is useless if you and your team cannot use it properly – even more so if troubleshooting and answered questions aren’t accessible in a timely manner. Does your current LMS delight or disappoint when it comes to customer support?
Evaluating your current LMS is one of the most important things you can do as an L&D professional. Your organization’s investment of resources is likely sizeable and making sure your LMS is adequate is important for the outcome of that investment. If your LMS falls short of expectations and doesn’t meet your evolving needs, your learning goals won’t be met and your bottom line will suffer. Taking the time to assess your LMS by seeking answers to the above questions is a great way to ensure your goals and objectives are met when it comes to your eLearning program.
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