It’s a Buyers’ Market: Can Learning and Training Attract Top Talent?

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The global shift in priorities brought about by the Covid pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the way that people see their jobs, careers and their employers. Power has transitioned from employer to employee creating a “buyers’ market” for talent either entering the workforce or on the fence about remaining loyal. With a sea of disgruntled employees resigning in record amounts, competition is fierce to recruit and retain top talent. And while salary is a primary consideration for choosing a place of employment, it’s quickly taking a back seat to other priorities. But not all is lost. There is still a goldmine of talent available. If organizations are willing to accommodate them, many workers may be tempted to return to full-time, permanent positions. As well, new talent entering the workforce are looking for job opportunities that satisfy their preferences and sensibilities. So what exactly does the “new worker”  want?

A majority of potential hires are looking to work at organizations that understand:

  • Flexibility. They want the opportunity to work remotely from any location, to build flexible schedules, and to have autonomy over their work/life balance. 
  • Recognition. They want their value recognized more than simply the volume of their work done. This includes support in career development initiatives to provide a roadmap for employees to progress.
  • Culture. They want their employer to reflect their personal values and expect the organization to demonstrate a commitment to building a strong culture based on trust, transparency and diversity.

L&D has the opportunity to support their organization by developing corporate training programs that can help to solve the recruitment problem. In a buyer’s market, L&D can respond by adapting and redesigning their corporate training programs for the needs of the “new worker.” It’s time for your organization to embrace L&D as the valuable recruitment tool that it has always been and support a learning culture at your organization.

Corporate Training is Good for Business

The global population is experiencing unprecedented volatility, with rising inflation rates, supply chain crises and workplace uncertainty due to the return of workers to the physical workplace or shift to hybrid workplaces. Despite all this, employees still value corporate training and name it among the top tier of requirements for their future employment.

Understanding the mindset of your future employees will help you to build corporate training programs that better align to their needs and wants. And the good news is that corporate training is exactly what is wanted in these uncertain times. In fact, “82% of employees and 62% of HR directors believe that workers will need to hone their current skills or acquire new ones at least once a year in order to maintain a competitive advantage in a global job market.”

As your business grows and evolves to meet the new demands of a shifting marketplace, upskilling existing employees will be instrumental in dealing with skills shortages and recruitment gaps. Potential hires understand this. They understand the value of building new skills that will make them successful not only at their current jobs, but also in their overall careers. 

Make Corporate Training an Extended Benefit

Over the past twenty years, many startups disrupted workforce culture by providing exceptional extended benefits packages—everything from ping-pong tables to catered lunches, even unlimited vacation days. Fast forward to today, larger organizations are failing to provide even the basics in terms of paid time off and sick days. Employees are likely feeling trapped between a rock and a hard place. While they are dependent on their salary, they are also wary of being forced back into offices where there is little concern for their—and their families—well-being.

What if your organization could provide corporate training as an extended benefit? Organizations that are capable of promoting and offering a deep commitment to a culture of learning will have a leg up on the competition. This would change the perception of a company from a “business-first” mindset to one that embraces education as a tool to support the personal and professional growth of its employees.

Provide Flexibility in Learning

Future employees expect flexibility not only in their work, but also from the L&D programs. This means they also want learning opportunities to be accessible and relevant to their unique career progression strategy. But it’s not simply about having access to an LMS—learning needs to mean something to answer the “what’s in it for me” questions your employees will have.

To establish a high impact culture of learning at an organization, employees need to feel involved in their learning and career path. This requires a hands-on approach from L&D—a proactive approach that moves away from transactional toward interactional programs. Your employees are eager to receive feedback and coaching from peers, managers and even executives. 

Luckily, learning technology is available to facilitate social learning, coaching, mentoring and remote learning opportunities. For example, metaverse and immersive learning are now considered the future of corporate training and remote team collaboration and management. With the critical need to adapt to the hybrid workplace, L&D has a challenge ahead of them: build high impact remote learning programs and work with the business to develop an ROI strategy that aligns with a learning strategy.

If you’re looking to attract talent by kickstarting corporate training strategy, contact us to find out what a creative content agency can do. Our team of L&D specialists can work with you to define your learning strategy, align it to your business goals and develop a measurable solution to demonstrate the ROI of your learning program. 

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