LXP: Why Investing in One is Brilliant

LXP: Why Investing in One Is Brilliant

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Before going into the concept in more depth, let’s just define a learning experience platform, or LXP, as a learning delivery platform. A learning management system (LMS) is also a learning delivery platform, yet more traditional than an LXP.

At this point, we can tell you that an LXP is a solution that:

  • Aggregates digital learning content from multiple sources
  • Creates learning experiences for employees

You might be thinking, “OK, but that’s what I get with an LMS.” However, an LXP goes way beyond the capabilities of an LMS! While an LMS can put together content and offer learning experiences, an LXP is a totally different game.

That’s the reason why an organization might invest heavily in an LXP instead of a traditional LMS.

Shall we dig deeper into what an LXP is and why you should invest in one? Ok, let’s do it.

What is an LXP?

An LXP is a corporate learning delivery cloud platform. You can use one to deliver custom learning experiences to employees.

Contrary to an LMS, an LXP supports and provides content generated by its users. LMSs are management systems. The majority of LMSs consist of manageable course catalogs, and the LMS manages and administers those catalogs. It also supports learning assessments.

LXPs focus on informal learning, which happens outside formal training rooms, whether virtual or physical.

So, with an LXP, employees can go beyond the training programs that learning and development (L&D) departments define, prepare and make available.

Employees can learn about topics or take courses that aren’t in the organization’s course catalog. Sometimes, employees just need to find an answer to a technical question. Or simply learn something new, yet relevant, to their job role.

As a result, employees don’t need to wait for a training session—virtual or in person—to learn what they need. And you take a great deal of the workload off L&D personnel by reducing formal training arrangements.

But wait! There’s more. An LXP is a highly engaging environment, as it supports:

Not convinced yet? Let us tell you more. An LXP looks like an online video-sharing platform. Therefore, you can use it to find, upload, consume and share digital learning content.

Additionally, you can:

  • Get content recommendations, both internal and third-party pieces of content, including videos, articles, podcasts and webpages
  • Follow a learning path that’s based on learning interests and learning activity
  • Self-publish content

Now that you know what an LXP is, let’s discuss its features in more detail.

How and Why Does an LXP Recommend Content?

An LXP recommends content based on:

Consequently, you can get the following out of an LXP:

  • Content tagging with skills, which allows building skills-based learning paths
  • Integration of job roles with the platform, followed by the mapping of job roles into skills and skills into content
  • Assessment of skills by the learner and their peers
  • Content recommendations based on how learners use the platform and what interests learners from your industry and market
  • Creation and nurturing of learning communities within your organization
  • Navigation mechanisms for large content libraries, which consider
    • The number and date of visualizations
    • The viewer’s job role and experience
  • Skill, expertise level and credibility inference based on AI when uploading content into the platform
  • Creation of skill assessments based on uploaded content
  • Content recommendation based on individual learning interests, career goals and learning style—for instance, whether you prefer to:
    • Watch videos
    • Read articles
    • Listen to podcasts

At this point, you should understand what the capabilities of an LXP are. But you might be missing a financial perspective regarding the acquisition of such a platform.

Should You Invest Capital in an LXP for Your Organization?

The short answer is “Absolutely!” An LXP is your ticket to the future of corporate learning, have no doubt about that. And a lot of companies around the world are investing in this area exponentially.

It’s too expensive to add the features of an LXP to an LMS. To take an LXP and make it your own, you just need to adapt the platform to:

  • Organize content based on skills
  • Recommend content based on
    • The needs of your organization, industry and market
    • Employees’ job roles and skill sets
    • Individual learning interests, learning activity, job experience, career goals and learning styles
    • Content visualization
  • Support the curation of learning content provided by users
  • Make large quantities of content easily navigable
  • Automatically analyze content and generate skill assessments

So, our best piece of financial advice would be to invest in an LXP.

Now, let’s consider those in your organization who would use the LXP for different purposes!

Who Uses an LXP?

Usually, you find large companies using LXPs.

Most of the time L&D managers, managers from other specialties and executives are those who implement an LXP at an organization.

Besides—obviously—the employees, both executives and managers use the platform to review employees’ learning progress.

L&D staff can also access an LXP to analyze data on its usage. Ultimately, top management uses that data to analyze the return on their investment in the platform.

If you’re still unsure, check out some final gains you’d experience by adopting an LXP.

Three Crucial Advantages of an LXP

Below are the three most important benefits of an LXP.

1. It’s an Open Platform

Platform administrators are not the only ones who can upload content to an LXP—unlike LMSs.

Such a platform is also able to store and analyze the learning resources provided by entities external to the organization.

With an LXP, defining learning paths and curating content is much easier and less time-consuming. And that’s not the case with a closed system such as an LMS.

2. It Contributes to Business Growth

Do you feel like using an LMS is an obligation? You might think of each course as a chunk of information followed by a quiz.

But with an LXP, things are different. Employees see an LXP as a platform where they can learn key skills and develop usable knowledge.

An LXP fosters business growth, instead of just being a way to comply with laws and regulations on corporate L&D. And businesses grow—not only, but also—when employees have the time and the means to engage with learning.

By doing that, employees can add more value to companies. In turn, companies raise their competitiveness levels.

3. It’s Faster to Adjust to New Learning Needs

It’s faster to create or change a new learning path in an LXP than an LMS. And time is money!

In today’s world, the need to develop new skills is constantly changing. Therefore, creating new or updated learning paths shouldn’t take weeks or months of work.

And keep in mind that skill development is essential to the prosperity of a business.

Before We Go…

Take note of two ideas that you should remember:

  • You don’t need to get rid of your LMS—depending on the vendor, it may integrate with the LXP.
  • You can have your mandatory training in your LMS and learning content published by employees in the LXP.

Overall, an LXP is more engaging than an LMS. Because of this, you can use the platform as part of the organization’s talent retention and career development strategy. Consequently, your organization helps maintain its competitiveness.

Moving into the future, LXPs should:

  • Store, provide and manage compliance—with mandatory and sometimes periodic—training
  • Track learning path completion each time mandatory training content changes
  • Allow for customers’—free or paid—access to content, which requires the integration with a payment platform
  • Directly support the management of career development plans
  • Store and manage data on platform usage and skill assessment

CoreAxis can help you set up an LXP and teach you the best ways to take advantage of its many benefits. Get in touch with us!

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