The Advantages of a Learning Management System in Corporate Training

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The digital revolution in learning and development and corporate training has encouraged many organizations to leverage the power of learning management systems (LMS) to deliver effective and engaging programs. But not all are getting the most from this flexible and accessible educational platform. Today’s modern workforce has been raised on digital technology, mobile, and interactivity. They expect the same user experience from their training programs and learning platform. An LMS provides learning and development professionals with the tools to reach learners in creative and innovative ways to produce addictive content, compelling learners to engage. 

In addition to delivering interactive eLearning courses and static content, a learning management system can allow you to deploy high-impact videos, provide access to webinars, facilitate communication, and provide a rich learning experience via mobile devices. Games, gamified elements, virtual reality and augmented reality experiences, and even social learning are all supported in your LMS and stored in a single location for easy access.

If you’re interested in how to get the most from your existing learning management system or simply in the technology and its capabilities, read on!

Delivers learner-centered programs

Learner-centered programs are built around the learning needs and preferences of your employees. So take every opportunity to engage with them using the intelligent tools that a learning management system can offer. Many learning management systems are built to support the integration of many high-engagement learning activities and content. For example, instructional designers can create a curriculum with branching learning paths and quick assessments to ensure learners are progressing successfully. Problems on a quiz? No problem. Simply automatically generate links to additional resources to support your learners.

Learners love the kind of content they see in their personal lives. L&D can easily integrate similarly fun content such as YouTube videos, TED Talks, animations, voice recordings, and social media-style chat boards to support peer learning and mentoring. The exhaustive list goes on. On top of amazing content, facilitators and instructors can keep an eye on progress and send out helpful feedback or words of encouragement. Similarly, learners can reply to surveys. Combined with assessment results, surveys can provide insight into the success of the learning program and make adjustments quickly.

Designed for mobile learning

A learning management system is accessible from desktop computers as well as mobile, ideal for a “bring your own device” strategy. This can reduce your technology spend. And because most employ web-based applications with responsive design, a learning management system will work on any mobile-enabled device, regardless of make or model. This means there’s no need to develop, design, and maintain your own app—nor multiple apps for different devices and operating systems. 

Mobile is the perfect delivery modality for programs such as microlearning or to facilitate game-based learning. It’s ideal for providing feedback on the go, allowing learners and instructors to maintain interaction and activity.

Provides deep learning analytics

You need to measure your goals and access actionable data or knowledge to help you make informed decisions and prove program success. Analytics allows you to see how each learner is progressing against your learning objectives. A learning management system is built to provide real-time insights from a number of data sources to show evidence of learning activity, such as:

  • Social
  • Video
  • Assessments
  • Mobile
  • Games
  • Wearables
  • External content

Armed with this information, you can maximize course effectiveness by helping instructors and facilitators see what content is being accessed and how to better deliver a personalized learning experience. You can measure and benchmark the overall adoption of the learning management system to improve learner outcomes. As well, insight into learner performance such as grades, discussions, and activities demonstrates the trajectory of learning by each individual employee. 

Learning management systems support scalability

As your organization grows, hires more employees, and scales its learning needs, you’re going to need to provide consistently impactful and effective training. Your learning management system needs to change and adapt to meet your evolving business needs and scale to accommodate your growing number of active users. That’s why when selecting your learning management system, it’s important to begin with a scalable strategy so you’re ready for potential growth over time. This will help reduce the risk and cost of having to replace your LMS down the road. 

Once you’ve developed a learning program, your LMS can distribute it around the world. You can easily extend a program across different parts of your organization with little or no development effort. Changes you make to content, updated links, new video messages, etc. are all automatically pushed out through the system in real time. This means you can quickly launch new programs, test and prototype programs, and make adjustments on the fly. That’s the power of a learning management system and how it supports a customized, learner-centered approach to training.

Contact us for advice on the evaluation and selection of an LMS. We can help you better understand which learning management system will be the right fit for your business and learning needs. Together, we can develop your scalability strategy to ensure you’re not only ready for the future, but also getting the most out of your learning management system’s full capabilities.

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