The Benefits of a Remote Workforce

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A remote workforce allows employees to perform their essential tasks and responsibilities outside of a traditional office. Oftentimes, people choose to work remotely from the comfort of their homes, in order to have a high-quality work-life balance. Although there has historically been controversy surrounding whether or not this form of work is effective, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to put this method to a test; and it has proven to yield great results. As a matter of fact, according to the State of Work Productivity Report, 65% of managers report that a remote workforce could increase productivity. So what are the benefits for companies that are able to have their employees work from home?

Greater Employee Satisfaction

According to a Gallup report, 54% of workers would change their jobs to one where they can work remotely. This not only helps them save significant amounts of time and money from not having to commute, but it also helps them achieve a high standard of work-life balance. In addition, as a result of the pandemic, many employees feel uncomfortable about being in the office, and would prefer to do their work from a socially isolated place. Employees who work remotely report a higher level of morale and lower level of stress than in-office workers.

Increased Flexibility

By being able to work from the most convenient location, as opposed to doing everything they can to make sure they make it to the office on time, employees have tremendous flexibility. Equally as important, they are understanding of their coworkers’ daily lives, which increases team morale. With this amplified flexibility, personal and professional lives do not get in the way of one another; instead, they can more easily coexist. For example, employees can spend time with their families, while also being able to perform their tasks at a high standard.

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Less Overhead

It should come as no surprise that one of the most expensive costs for businesses is real estate and maintenance of their offices. With a remote workforce, this is drastically reduced, or sometimes even eliminated. Businesses can invest that saved capital into innovative initiatives that allow them to grow and be more successful in their competitive realm, or invest in other business-related activities.

Improved Sustainability

In today’s world, companies care immensely about improving their environmental sustainability. With a remote workforce, businesses eliminate their employees’ carbon footprints associated with commuting. In addition, by reducing their activity on premise, or even closing down their physical offices, businesses minimize their electricity costs. A remote workforce can help businesses reach their environmental goals and metrics at a significantly faster rate.
At CoreAxis, we value efficiency. We believe that as the world continues to evolve, we must leverage innovation to adapt to changes, and thrive in the new normal. To that end, we integrate innovative learning solutions with custom content to provide our clients’ employees the tools they need for success, while ensuring our flexible and versatile offerings are accessible from anywhere. With the plethora of skills that our solutions offer employees, efficient goal attainment becomes inevitable, especially when working remotely.

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