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A VR or an AR training program is about learning, and not about the technology, first. It is only logical that you need to follow a similar process you would when you develop a program in any other learning format. Why do we start with this right off the bat? Because it is easy to get lost in the possibilities and include too many elements—more than you need.

This technology hasn’t yet been fully adopted in all industries as a corporate learning tool, but we are heading in that direction. Don’t you think?

If you are not an early adopter and you are thinking about whether this type of learning is for your organization, here are three points to consider:

  • Understand your learning needs and industry. Consider the type of learning your employees will most benefit from, how your training culture is, as well as whether your industry would benefit from VR and AR learning (for example, healthcare, aviation, construction and similar industries). 
  • Estimate your ROI. Will your business performance and productivity improve, will you train your employees to decrease errors and learn in a safe environment that will save you various costs? List the benefits and the costs to anticipate the return on your investment.
  • Test and then scale. It is recommended to try out the VR/AR learning programs and see how your employees react and what results such training brings. Better to invest in a pilot and then grow it across the organization than build a large program that may not be adopted by your learners.

Benefits and Challenges of VR and AR Corporate Training 

There are numerous benefits VR and AR learning bring to corporate training:

  • Your employees can learn in safer environments that resemble high-risk situations.
  • This kind of training is experiential and, therefore, more effective.
  • While you need to make an initial investment in the equipment, you can reduce costs by reusing the headsets for different training and multiple employees.

Besides the benefits, there are also a few challenges of AR and VR usage that are worth mentioning:

  • Prolonged sessions can cause some health side effects, such as dizziness.
  • The equipment is bulky and you can experience technical difficulties.
  • The upfront investment for the equipment is significant.

Having in mind both benefits and challenges can also help you decide whether you should embark on this journey.

Developing Content Using VR and AR

There is a considerable cost for VR and AR content development. You can consider converting your existing L&D content to reduce your spend. Another approach is to outsource it to a specialized provider. 

Whichever path you decide to take, here are a few examples of how VR and AR can be used in developing immersive content:

  • Virtual tours: they are fun for onboarding new hires to visit the work environment or even interact with customer avatars.
  • Interactive walkthroughs: give your learners a task to complete and perform each step in a virtual environment.
  • Interactive books: add AR elements to your educational books, and make them come to life through your learners’ mobile device. 
  • Scavenger hunt: make your training fun and goal-oriented. You can use geolocation to get learners to find objects and get to a training session or activity.
  • Skills training: help employees learn via digital content connected to machine parts and visual explanation.

Create a learner experience that will be memorable for your employees and bring the results you want! Check out our Innovation Workshop where we work with you to define how you can best develop VR and AR learning programs.

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