What Are Video Learning and Microlearning and Why Should You Care About Them?

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When and why you should implement video learning and microlearning

As an ever-changing company, you may find yourself faced with the decision of how best to disseminate new information throughout the business in a time-efficient and cost-effective way. By integrating unique video learning and microlearning into your company’s training program, employees are able to engage with an easy, effective and enjoyable way of reinforcing skills and knowledge.

What is microlearning and what are its benefits?

Microlearning is a new wave of training that utilizes concise, internet-based snippets of information designed toward your training goals. Microlearning groups training materials into five- to 30-minute comprehensible intervals. The material usually covers one topic in a sitting, which reduces the chance of viewers becoming overwhelmed by the knowledge being presented. Microlearning uses less “fluff,” meaning that concepts are stripped down to their fundamental parts, making them more consumable. This process allows learners to not only be efficient with their time, but increases comprehension, memory and application. Utilizing microlearning in your company can help you to implement training while remaining time efficient.
So why should your business start to use video learning and microlearning? Introducing these tools into your company’s training program has numerous additional benefits beyond learning. Utilizing these learning modalities will also save your company time and money.

Video learning saves you time and money

With the drastic increase in the use of eLearning materials, video learning can work wonders for your company. Our technology-based world moves quickly, so you should too. Video learning allows for flexibility in time and location. Employees can now receive the same information and training they would have before in shorter periods of time by watching eLearning videos at convenient times in their schedules. This means employees do not need to give up hours of their day to sit in classrooms. In addition, utilizing video in training means saving money that would otherwise be spent on an instructor, space and more. Video learning fosters self-directed and self-paced learning, which creates motivation within employees to propel their own professional development. It also offers activities that are centered on the learner, creating more meaningful absorption of information. Using video gives the learner unlimited access to electronic learning materials after the session is completed, making it easier for employees to reference and implement the content moving forward. Video technology also allows for constant updates and maintenance, which means your company will have the most current information available to employees.

Microlearning increases the effectiveness of training

Not only can video learning save you time and money, introducing microlearning can create greater retention of training materials in the long run. The shorter content segments can increase retention of material by 20% in employees. Longer segments of content can become overwhelming or uninteresting to learners. Using content that is five- to 30-minutes long means there is less content to overwhelm the learner, creating better comprehension than being asked to remember large chunks of information at one time. Longer content may exceed the capacity of the learner’s working memory, and can foster uncertainty when attempting to recall the information presented. Short bursts of information reinforce the concepts between tasks and help maintain productivity. In addition, microlearning can create a positive feedback loop, which accelerates employee development by personalizing the learning to build specific skill sets. After each topic, learners should be assessed with a question or two to reiterate the material and address any uncertainties they have on the topic.

How and why you should implement video learning and microlearning in your company

Introducing video learning and microlearning in your company can be done by successfully implementing three main components. All effective microlearning materials have relevant titles, body content and evaluations.

  1. The title is an incredibly important aspect of microlearning, because it factors into the learner’s decision to open the learning material. It is also useful for indexing purposes, and will help learners find the content so they can reference the material in the future.
  2. The body gives the learner information, followed by an action to carry out based on the content. Videos and graphics are extremely important here because they provide visual examples of the content being presented.
  3. The evaluation at the end of the video learning or microlearning should include some form of knowledge check, self-assessment or application. Including key questions is an effective way to engage the learner and increase retention of material.

Video learning and microlearning are smart, effective tools to improve your employees’ knowledge and company culture. By incorporating video learning and microlearning into your training program, you can give your company a competitive edge in the rapidly changing, technology-focused workplace. Video learning on smart technology can give employees the ability to learn more about their company and share that information, both formally and informally.
Interested in learning more about how to incorporate video learning and microlearning into the training program at your company? Learn more about how CoreAxis Consulting can help your company and give you insight into the world of eLearning at https://coreaxis.com/custom-training/microlearning-solutions/.

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