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Health and safety training, whether online or offline, is a necessary component of your learning strategy. Topics may vary depending on the organization’s industry, but one fact is for sure, this training is a must-have. Through great training, you will be able to ensure optimum health and safety standards.

How to Make Health and Safety Training More Engaging With eLearning? 

How can you help employees not only understand the significance of health and safety training, but make them enthusiastic to follow it and, most importantly, apply it in practice? The key is to create engaging eLearning content that will help employees manage and minimize the risks in the work environment. To achieve this, you can implement four levels of eLearning into your health and safety training: 

Level 1: This level is used for teaching fundamental information that requires awareness and understanding. The course is linear and it includes basic interactions to visually chunk information (graphics and images, standard quizzing, basic click-to-reveal interactions). 

Level 2: At this level, learners have more control over their learning. The course includes cognitive interactions, allowing participants to apply information, as well as experience a few special upgrades in just the right places. Learners have the ability to do more than watch and read (synced audio, embedded video, slide locking, quizzing retries).

Level 3: At Level 3, there is a degree of complexity and customization of the course. Learners have full control over their learning and perceive the course as a participative and dynamic activity, and not just a presentation of content (branching, video creation, advanced interactions, certifications).

Level 4: This level gives the highest degree of interaction for the learner. The course includes simulations, and the content is transmitted through the use of educational games to keep the learner motivated (gaming technology, avatars, 3D simulations).

One of the biggest benefits of eLearning is that it is available for use on different platforms and devices, which makes it available to learners at any time.

Should You Build Your Own Training or Buy a Ready Health and Safety Course? 

The answer is simple. It all depends on your capabilities and budget. Still, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Buying ready health and safety training that is widely used in your industry may be a good solution for you. Of course, the more you can customize a ready course, the better you will be able to have it meet your own needs and add your own perspective and examples.  

If you make your health and safety training relevant by embedding situations that your learners are likely to encounter in their daily work, it will make the training more successful than just abstractly presenting rules and procedures. Personalizing your content that way gives you the ability to ensure your learners are actively engaging with your health and safety program. 

How to Maximize the Impact of Health and Safety Training?

Whatever you do, don’t make your training feel like punishment to your learners. It is challenging to bring excitement to regulatory topics, but with eLearning, it is possible to achieve higher levels of engagement and more impact on the organization.

eLearning health and safety training makes the content engaging, effective and appealing for learners. The wide array of possibilities ranging from interactive exercises and scenarios to media-rich content and simulations creates a great learning experience that can keep up with multi-generational styles and most importantly, teach responsibilities, underlying principles and consequences. 

Here are a few more tips!

  • Define your learning objectives: set your goals and desired outcomes of the eLearning activity
  • Provide clear instructions: explain to learners what to expect and what is expected of them
  • Make it easy to digest: don’t overwhelm learners, but rather deliver the most important information in a meaningful way. How about micro video-based learning modules?
  • Customize and personalize: adjust the eLearning to the industry, department and role to maximize the impact. Keep it real.
  • Follow up and reflect: ask your learners for feedback and that way remind them of the program and give them feedback on their performance

You need to make your people aware of the risks and effectively train them on the required health and safety practices and procedures. Implementing eLearning modules can help you provide more effective health and safety training that doesn’t just remind learners of their obligations but inspires them to embrace a culture of health and safety that they will apply in their everyday work. Whenever you are ready to take this next step, contact our team to help you design and deliver effective health and safety training for your team!

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