Why Learning Experience Design is Trending High

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Instructional designers are asked to provide many areas of expertise. They are called on to be experimenters, data scientists, game designers, developers, adult learning best practices experts, and UX/UI pros. They must be prepared to invent solutions that fit the needs of their learners. In short, they are innovators. As learning experts, instructional designers are integral to developing learning experiences that engage, entertain, and educate—all at the same time.

Gone are the days of simple PDFs and handouts and the one-and-done training session. IDs have access to amazing new tools to reach more learners. Scenario-based learning, game-based learning, virtual reality, and augmented reality are just some of the ways that learning experts can deliver successful training and learning. “Learning Experience Design” is the term for this new brand of instructional design.

Engagement Equals Retention

Good content design encourages learners to remain engaged during and after the learning experience. Learners will return if there is something worth re-examining. For example, an immersive learning experience that is scenario-based with branching paths can encourage learners to revisit the content numerous times, make alternative choices, and explore different outcomes. Understanding the addictive qualities of game-based learning is influential in the learning experience design process.

Learning Management Systems and Learning Experience Platforms are designed to help learners connect to innovative custom learning experiences. These technologies allow L&D teams to monitor and report upon learning activities. When it comes to emerging technologies such as VR and AR, there is a wealth of data available for analytics and reporting.

Learning Experience Design Takes Advantage of Technology

Many organizations jumped on the learning technology bandwagon early on. Innovative new tools were exciting. Suddenly everyone was talking about adding VR training to their L&D programs, but they did not understand how the technology could be best used for learning strategies. Leveraging technology is critical.

For example, innovative VR or AR learning can be delivered via an employee’s own smartphone to improve engagement and provide:

  • Flexible learning
  • Just-in-time learning
  • On-the-job training

Because learners are connecting through their phones and applications, updates to course content and design are automatically pushed to learners. This greatly reduces IT tasks and provides a reliable, scalable learning solution.

The Fusion Between Successful Learning, Strategy, and Tech

Not every program benefits from VR. However, savvy instructional designers understand how to best utilize the technology to achieve the desired learning outcomes. Taking a Learning Experience Design approach helps L&D leaders make informed decisions about which technology investments will best align with both learning outcomes and business strategy.

Instructional designers understand the unique capabilities of their learners. They know everyone is not tech-savvy. Organizations can have multi-generational or global employees with an array of different backgrounds, technical fluencies, and language skills. To develop a scalable and viable learning solution, technology needs to be carefully chosen to ensure adoption and engagement across the entire organization. This aspect of Learning Experience Design is fundamental to the needs analysis before any learning strategy is implemented.

It is truly an exciting time for learning and development. Contact us today to learn more about learning experience design and how to bring learning innovation to your organization. Our instructional design and learning technology experts can help start your path to learning transformation.

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