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Custom eLearning

There are a lot of companies that offer to teach you cookie-cutter classes on any number of topics—classes that may be pre-recorded and are pulled from their library of classes. While there is value to be found in this theoretically—they often have talented and knowledgeable instructors—they fail to engage their core audience because they’re so […]

Why Learning Experience Design is Trending High

Instructional designers are asked to provide many areas of expertise. They are called on to be experimenters, data scientists, game designers, developers, adult learning best practices experts, and UX/UI pros. They must be prepared to invent solutions that fit the needs of their learners. In short, they are innovators. As learning experts, instructional designers are […]

4 Reasons to Use Characters in Your eLearning Strategy

We see it in advertising all the time. Progressive’s Flo, the Geico gecko, the Pillsbury doughboy, these are all examples of historically effective advertising characters, or spokespeople. The advertising industry uses characters to make their products memorable and to create an emotional attachment between their customers and their products, thus increasing engagement, understanding and inevitably,…