Cognitive Diversity: How Your Organization Can Thrive With It

Did you know that auto-tune, so prevalent in music today, was actually developed by an engineer at an oil company seeking to send sound waves into the ground for seismic data exploration? This is a great example of how cognitive diversity can drive innovative thinking by encouraging employees to take their experience and expertise from […]

How Blended Learning Assists Organizational Adaptability

How Blended Learning Assists Organizational Adaptability

Adaptability has become an important company value over the past five to ten years. Technology and industries change fast, and organizations have to be able to pivot to keep up with them and stay stable. The importance of this became even more profound in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to continue operating, […]

How to Improve Customer Education: Developing a Customer Education Strategy

Customer Education Assessment

If you want to inform and engage your customers, you need to help them understand your product and make well-informed purchase decisions.  We recently wrote about customer education best practices and, since the post attracted a lot of attention, we decided to take it a step further and help you with developing a customer education […]

Catering to All Levels of Learning

It is well established that training in the workplace is of tremendous importance. Employees arguably add value to organizations, so their employers should invest in them by nourishing their skillsets through immersive training programs and learning opportunities. Throughout this process, businesses must recognize that what makes their employees as valuable as they are is, in […]

Key L&D concerns in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Like all other industries, the pharmaceutical industry has realized a shift in the means with which companies train their employees. Given that this is a new change in the industry, there are a lot of questions being asked about the benefits of online training options as companies try to navigate the most efficient way for […]

Personalization in Learning and Development

As technological advances take place, and innovation becomes increasingly valuable, the world moves further away from the “one-size-fits-all” approach. We see examples of this in even the smallest nuances of our lives, with the evolution of personalized marketing and targeted advertisements. Once we recognize the tremendous benefits that such customization offers, it is important to […]

Rewarding Learning and Development

The pace at which the world changes has increased significantly in recent years, with 2020 demonstrating accelerated levels of revolutionizing change, both in our corporate and personal lives. This ever-changing world makes it absolutely crucial for companies to invest in learning and development (L&D) opportunities for their employees in order to thrive. Acquired skills only […]

How to Stretch Your Learning and Development Budget

Why Should Companies Invest in Learning and Development? The world is evolving faster than ever before, and colossal amounts of information are added to our lives on a daily basis. Given this rapid growth and change, it is vital for people in the workforce to update their knowledge and skillsets. This is both an asset […]

Learning and Innovation Connect

Today’s world, in which technologies advance at a speed faster than ever before, makes it essential for companies to invest in keeping their team of employees current with these changes. In addition to the global trends and advancements that employees must keep up with, there are countless internal topics that they must learn. This not […]

The Benefits of a Robust Learning Management System

A learning management system (LMS) is a server-based or cloud-based software program that allows companies to create, manage and implement eLearning programs within their organizations. This interactive system delivers custom educational content to learners through a user interface that runs in their browsers as a webpage. There is no doubt that effective training programs are […]