How to Transform Your Workforce with Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning | Boy with Virtual Reality Headset

We’ve all been in school classrooms or corporate trainings where people are zoned out, checking their phone, browsing the internet, or replying to emails. This has become so commonplace that it’s hardly even noticed anymore—it’s a given that people are going to behave that way, and the instructors have to try harder and harder to […]

Adapting Classic Learning Frameworks to Modern Learning Systems

Adapting Classic Learning Frameworks to Modern Learning Systems

Approximately 70% of the learning required for employees to excel in their careers is on-the-job learning. This is why it is essential for businesses to ensure they offer the most effective learning strategies to their employees. The increased speed at which technology evolves and innovation takes place means the options for learning initiatives are rapidly […]

Overcoming Barriers to Digital Transformation

In today’s tech-driven society, businesses need to embrace digital transformation in order to survive. CIO Review notes that digital transformation is a catalyst for innovation, which can involve adopting hi-tech infrastructure, the Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). However, there are two main obstacles to digital transformation: the human barrier […]

From Concept to Reality – Artificial Intelligence Goes Mainstream in 2020

What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the area of computer science where machines are created with sufficient intelligence to function like human beings. They have numerous capabilities, such as reasoning and problem solving, and are able to perform a plethora of human activities, ranging from speech recognition and communication to decision making and […]

Exploring Immersive Technology

Immersive technology is the extension of virtual content into the physical environment to create a new reality. This new reality is leveraged in a 360-degree space, making it difficult for the user to differentiate the virtual content from the physical reality. This industry is growing rapidly, and is becoming a significant part of our personal […]

4 Tips for a Successful Transition to the Cloud

Many companies are making the switch to storing data within the cloud. However, this transition can be intimidating to business managers due to the time and financial investment that transition takes. Companies that build a proper migration strategy can reduce the number of issues that occur during this switch-over. Although no plan is foolproof against […]

Worlds on Top of Worlds: Augmented and Virtual Reality in Training

This article was published on Augmented and virtual reality are hot buzzwords right now, and they aren’t limited to consumer industries. Businesses are starting to explore their use as well, and training is one area where these technologies could have a major impact. Augmented vs. Virtual Reality What’s the difference between augmented reality (AR) and […]

Immersive Learning and the Future of Online Training

This article was posted on Context is critical to learning, and training organizations are always looking for ways for employees to understand the applications of their learning to their jobs. Scenario-based immersive learning can help. Immersive learning involves putting learners in an interactive learning environment to teach skills using situations and experiences that are as true […]

Virtual Reality Goes To Work, Helping Train Employees

This article was published on Virtual reality — long touted as the next big thing in tech — hasn’t taken off as a consumer product, but employers are embracing it as a more efficient and effective tool for on-the-job training. This year, Walmart is training more than 1 million employees using virtual reality. And moving companies, […]

Can Virtual Reality Teach Executives What It Feels Like to Be Excluded?

This post was published on When Brian Ritchey attends a meeting, he’s almost always the one running it. But when the COO and VP of Pennsylvania-based metal supplier Ritchey Metals put on a virtual reality headset, he wasn’t at the head of the table. “I was in the boardroom with a group of diverse women. I was […]