Reimagining the Traditional Curriculum to Digital Learning

Traditional Curriculum

We’ve all encountered good examples of bad onboarding or compliance programs. You’ll know them when you see them. They feel stale, a waste of time, not pertinent to your job, etc. A traditional curriculum tends to favor static pieces of content that can also be outdated—ones that haven’t aged well. Think about safety videos from […]

Gamification and Microlearning: A Dream Team


One idea to make learning more engaging is combining gamification and microlearning for corporate training. When you put these two learning strategies together, you will be able to address your learners’ short attention spans, offset their forgetting curve and increase learning at the moment of need. Furthermore, you will help increase their motivation, improve their […]

How Diversity Boosts Innovation — CoreAcademy

Diversity to boost innovation

If you perceive diversity as just a nice HR initiative, stop reading this article. Diversity is not just a quota to be hit or how your company will be perceived based on the percentage of female executives or various ethnicities in your organization. Did you know that diversity has a direct impact on the bottom […]

Innovation Workshop: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360 Video Explained

360 video

Implementing immersive learning into your learning design is an effective way to bring innovation to your team. As an L&D professional, you must be under constant pressure to develop engaging, useful and fun employee training.  Therefore, utilizing: Virtual reality (VR) to provide your learners with a computer-generated environment where they can interact with situations not […]

Overcoming Barriers to Digital Transformation

In today’s tech-driven society, businesses need to embrace digital transformation in order to survive. CIO Review notes that digital transformation is a catalyst for innovation, which can involve adopting hi-tech infrastructure, the Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). However, there are two main obstacles to digital transformation: the human barrier […]

Video-Based Learning Content

Video-based learning, as the name implies, is a form of eLearning that allows its audience to acquire skills and gain knowledge via video. This method of training is becoming increasingly popular, and starting to replace the traditional, mundane, “Click Next” eLearning. Companies use learning videos in a variety of situations, from recruiting to reinforcing and […]

Learning Architecture

An organization cannot succeed without a clear and straightforward plan for moving forward with its technology and eLearning solutions. A successful learning architecture is a business’ unique map of agreed-upon learning needs, learning strategies and delivery for all of its training. It collects and irons out the mechanisms from which all learning materials of a […]

The Rise of eLearning

The eLearning community has seen a dramatic rise in prominence over the past 10 years and is projected to continue its momentous rise in the years to come. In 2015, the eLearning market was valued at $105 billion dollars and is expected to more than triple by 2025, reaching $325 billion. This staggering increase means […]

Benefits to Embracing Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

Why Is Artificial Intelligence in the Workforce Important? According to Accenture’s recent analysis of certain G20 economies, there is the potential for 40% higher productivity rates by 2035 with the increased use of artificial intelligence. It is said that artificial intelligence overcomes many of the constraints of manual labor productivity and capital. More and more […]

How to Utilize Social Media in Training Programs

There is no way to avoid social media in this technology-driven world. Since we can’t fight it, why not join it? Captivating employees is essential to successful learning, so more and more organizations are turning to incorporating social media into their training programs. Social media has become an innovative and valuable way to deliver content […]