Leadership Development Essentials for 2022

Leadership development

As companies turn towards hybrid workplaces, culture is rising to become a top priority. The pandemic revealed many things within the workplace that might have been quietly brewing for decades (or not so quietly). The shift to “people-first” culture has put considerable stress on some companies that had traditionally been “work-first” or “revenue-first.” Now the […]

2020 Awards: The Year in Review

CoreAxis 2020 Awards

When we say we are an award-winning company, we mean it! The year behind us was full of challenges, but we also lived some great moments. It helped us become even more resilient, resourceful and agile, and we are grateful for that. Every award we received in 2020 was a win, and we are proud […]

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

Until recently, businesses thrived on their internal resources. Their ability to house numerous entities within their organization was a strength, and for those who could financially attain it, it was a necessity. However, this practice has dramatically changed. Now, corporations try to keep their on-premise resources efficient, and outsource their needs when they can. Currently, […]

Flexible Work Options and How to Train the Employees in Them

What does it mean to have flexible work options? A flexible work schedule simply means that employees can complete their work, or number of hours, without committing to the traditional 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. working hours. It is important to acknowledge that this flexibility is more of an agreement between employees and their employers, […]