When Is Staff Augmentation the Right Choice for Your Organization?

Staff Augmentation for your organization

The old adage says: You can have your project done quickly, with quality, and under budget — but never all three. Amazingly, taking an agile talent approach can help to achieve the impossible and address all three areas. While businesses may struggle to remain competitive through COVID-19, taking a staff augmentation approach will greatly support […]

How Staff Augmentation Can Reduce Q4 Uncertainty

Staff Augmentation

In the months ahead, L&D professionals are facing a potential talent shortage. There is marked uncertainty when it comes to determining who will be returning, and who won’t. As the COVID era wanes, it’s leaving behind a slew of unsatisfied employees in its wake. While some adapted to remote work, others found the added pressure […]

5 Reasons You May Need Staff Augmentation for Your L&D Team

Staff Aug

Supporting the success of your business model requires the right staff with the right skills and knowledge. In some cases, retraining and upskilling existing employees is a viable option—but it takes time. In an age of constant and rapid change, time is becoming more and more a dwindling commodity. On the other hand, finding skilled […]

The Benefits of Creating a Workplace Learning Culture

Why Is a Culture of Learning and Development Important? Most companies have cultures, but there is a new trend toward creating a culture related to learning and development. A business with a learning culture is likely to create many positive benefits for employees as well as the company. According to recent research from the Harvard […]

The Top 5 Ways Technology Is Used in Learning and Development

Why Should You Use Technology in Learning and Development Programs? In recent years, companies are more inclined to utilize technology in their learning and development programs. One reason that many businesses use technology is the market’s competitiveness in terms of customer service, sales, etc. As many have changed their traditional ways of training employees, they […]

Why Create a Formal Learning & Development RFP?

If you’ve ever been through the process of creating a Learning and Development Request for Proposal(RFP), you know it can take a lot of time and effort.But spending some time upfront can result in a better learning outcome and fewer headaches down the road… IF you do it right. When Does Creating a Formal RFP…

14 Key Elements to Include in Your Learning RFP With Free RFP Template

Being on the receiving (vendor) end of several Learning and Development RFPs over the course of my career, I feel I can safely say I’ve seen it all. Some RFPs are short and sweet, and others are dozens of pages long. While there is no right or wrong length for writing an effective learning RFP…

Is Staff Augmentation Right for Your Organization?

The outsourcing strategy called staff augmentation is used to staff projects on a per-need basis in order to better meet business objectives in a flexible way. The process begins with evaluating current staff to determine which additional skills are required and ends in utilizing outsourced services and consultants for a specific amount of time to…