The Value of Employees for their Employers

Value of Employees for their Employers

We constantly hear that the customer is always right and how important it is to build effective relationships with them. However, companies must also remember that their most valuable assets, in fact, are their employees, and building effective relationships with them is crucial. While customers are the reason why businesses continue to thrive, without employees […]

Learning & Development as a Recruitment and Retention Tool

The world is changing at a rate faster than ever before. A study at Oxford University predicts that 50% of existing jobs will fully transform within the next 20 years. Additionally, the average life of acquired skills is only five years. This means that with technological advances quickly making traditional methods obsolete, businesses must keep […]

Employee Incentives Powered by Corporate Training

Have you ever mentioned your expectation for going the “extra mile” to your employees? Well, if you haven’t, the extra mile is the amount of extra effort your employees might put into the execution of their functions. The extra mile translates to employee dedication and heavily contributes to employee performance reviews. However, not all employees […]

The Benefits of a Remote Workforce

A remote workforce allows employees to perform their essential tasks and responsibilities outside of a traditional office. Oftentimes, people choose to work remotely from the comfort of their homes, in order to have a high-quality work-life balance. Although there has historically been controversy surrounding whether or not this form of work is effective, the COVID-19 […]

Aligning Goals for Greater ROI

Each organization, regardless of its size or industry, has a unique vision, as well as a combination of goals and strategies that are exclusively theirs. This makes it crucial for every employee to be aligned with the specific visions and ambitions of their company. There are multiple benefits to goal alignment, and in order to […]

Stressing the Need for Communication and Soft Skills

Soft skills are a combination of non-technical, social and behavioral skills that are required for workers to achieve long-term success in their careers. Although the value of role-specific capabilities are tremendous, they are a given to employers. Those who truly thrive in the corporate world are the people who can work successfully in teams, especially […]

Focusing on Employee Development during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the dawn of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected many lives. Globally it has shown, in many cases, a certain lack of preparedness for an event of this nature. A plethora of businesses lost access to many of their assets, including financial and physical holdings. However, those that did not encounter traumatic financial […]

Quick Tips for Avoiding Distractions While Working at Home

Have you ever stopped and wondered where the time went at the end of a long work day, not because you were busy, but because you could hardly see what you did the whole day? Well, that happens to almost everyone, and the culprit for little or no progress on your projects is distractions. You […]

Unconscious Bias

The year 2020 has become the year of unveiling our shortcomings as a society. This conversation started with the realization that a virus, smaller than most microscopes can see, derailed the course of everyone’s lives in a matter of months, and created the need for immediate action. Now, we are in the midst of another […]

How to Shape Company Culture with a Remote Team

The global catastrophe that the COVID-19 outbreak has created is one of the largest crises in modern history. During this time of exacerbated uncertainty and fear, organizations are struggling to achieve their usual efficiency and productivity. Countless tasks have become impossible to perform, roles have been cannibalized, and millions of employees are trying to adapt […]