More Real-Time Solutions

More Real-Time Solutions

Effective learning and development (L&D) programs have become one of the top priorities of most companies, as well as their employees. As the amount of information increases, the need for us to attain it also increases. Hence, learners are demanding knowledge and expertise in specific fields instantly. With real-time learning solutions, learners get content based […]

LXP: Why Investing in One is Brilliant

LXP: Why Investing in One Is Brilliant

Before going into the concept in more depth, let’s just define a learning experience platform, or LXP, as a learning delivery platform. A learning management system (LMS) is also a learning delivery platform, yet more traditional than an LXP. At this point, we can tell you that an LXP is a solution that: Aggregates digital […]

The Benefits of Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT)

Organizations around the globe are starting to embrace online learning solutions like vILT and eLearning like never before. However, there are still questions about which modalities businesses and institutions should use to train their workforce and their benefits. To help navigate these choices, we’ve detailed the differences between vILT and eLearning. We’ve also outlined the […]

Growing a Learning Culture With Learning & Development

Growing a Learning Culture With L&D

Culture is a broad concept. But let’s narrow it down a little bit and talk about…learning culture. Now, think about your organization. In that context, does it ring a bell for you? If it doesn’t, don’t worry. We’ll help you. Learning and development (L&D) is our business. And it plays an important role in growing […]

Customer Education and Its Best Tips & Tricks

A quick online search for information on the relationship between ubiquitous learning—or u-learning—and customer education may get you nowhere. But we have good news for you on that matter! This article will unveil the contribution that ubiquitous learning can have in customer education. We hope you enjoy discovering the benefits of ubiquitous technologies in the […]

Virtual Learning: A Basic Guide with Key Practices

Virtual learning is no longer a distant vision of the future, but a fact in the present. So, it’s time for…adaptation! In general, people have shifted toward online resources in much of their daily lives. This shift also applies to learning resources, platforms and providers. Previously we talked about the coronavirus and virtual learning. We […]

Outlining the Process to Convert Instructor-Led Programs to Virtual Training

Instructor-led training, or ILT, is the process of learning and transferring knowledge between instructors and learners. This is similar to the traditional classroom format, where students have face-to-face contact with their teachers, and are able to vocalize their concerns and receive immediate feedback. The familiarity we have with this training structure is why the majority […]

The Role of Open Education in the Training of Freelancers

Currently, the number of professionals working on a freelance basis is increasing around the world. Freelancers and independent contractors don’t have salaries—their payment structure is based on short-term jobs, or gigs. A gig economy is beginning to emerge, versus the traditional long-term, full-time job market. And that has some profound impacts on learning and development […]

Influencers: A New Power Driving Employee Decision-Making

Who Are Job Influencers? Whether it’s a health resolution, a fashion choice or a corporate decision, people want to see the end result of the path they are considering. More importantly, they need someone they trust to guide them along the way. With the soaring role of social media influencers in people’s lives, this need […]

Emotion and Learning

Traditionally, emotion was to be left at home before coming to work. However, recent studies have shown that the most effective way of learning is, in fact, through emotions; they enhance motivation, and result in improved memorization. Emotional reactions in the brain have neurological impacts that are scientifically proven to prolong the life of knowledge […]