On-Demand at CoreAxis means variety, value, and timing.  Improve operations and cut expenses with CoreAxis’ off-the-shelf training courses and Staff Augmentation.

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Vice President of Learning Solutions

Our Philosophy

We believe that learning is most impactful when it is continuous, available at the point of need, and leverages a variety of delivery formats, new technologies, and innovative approaches. We pride ourselves on being flexible, responsive, pragmatic, and delivering solutions that make sense.

Our goal is to create world-class custom learning solutions that drive the development of our clients’ most valuable asset: their people.

<center>Emerging Tech</center>

Emerging Tech

These new modalities are here to stay and proving to be 50% more effective in impacting performance when blended with other learning solutions.  

<center>Innovative Learning Solutions</center>

Innovative Learning Solutions

Ensure that your training program integrates the latest trends in technology, to keep learners engaged, increase efficiency, and improve predictive analytics.

<center>Custom Learning</center>

Custom Learning

When it comes to your organization's needs, we'll design a custom eLearning solution that will engage learners, improve performance, and deliver results!

<center>Content Strategy & Curation</center>

Content Strategy & Curation

Content strategy is the planning, development, and management by CoreAxis of the current courses your company already uses. Our goal is to evaluate and update your existing content to maximize your L&D growth.

<center>Leadership and Organization Consulting</center>

Leadership and Organization Consulting

Coreaxis' leadership development & Organizational consulting programs focus on developing the talent in your organization. We combine our strategic expertise with hands-on, custom elements to create a sustainable structure for success.

<center>Partner Services</center>

Partner Services

On-Demand at CoreAxis means variety, value, and timing. Improve operations and cut expenses with CoreAxis’ off-the-shelf training courses and Staff Augmentation.

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