CoreAxis and our employees are dedicated to being responsible corporate members of our society.

Responsible corporate citizens

Today we remain deeply committed to using our knowledge, expertise and resources to address global challenges and focus on topics that have an impact on some of the most underprivileged in society.

Conscious Business Practices

We incorporate social as an integral part of our business strategy and foster an atmosphere across the company, that values social impact both during and outside of the work day.

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Eckerd Connects

The Business Challenge:

Eckerd Connects is a team that works each day to make a difference in the lives of youth, families, and communities. We believe that services should focus on the family: When a client needs help, the family needs help. Clients achieve greater long-term success when services, and systems of care address the needs of the entire family. Furthermore, we believe that local communities must be engaged and empowered: When a client’s local community is engaged in their care, the chance for success goes up. The best and most efficient systems of care are those that ensure the local community is empowered with the responsibility and resources to meet, at a local level, the needs of the client.

We hold ourselves accountable for achieving superior outcomes: Our ultimate measure of success is how well our clients prosper after leaving our care. We embrace industry-leading tools, systems and processes for measuring success and improving our outcomes. To that end, we had existing training that was out-of-date and not engaging to the learners. Our challenge was that, due to the emotionally challenging content, we needed to redesign and update the material to create a foundation of empathy and understanding. We determined that to do this, we needed to begin with a cornerstone of Eckerd Connects operations as a non- profit organization. Of the four modules, the first delivered this core content.


CoreAxis applied instructional design theory to the content to ensure that it was written and developed with appropriate learning objectives and structured in a way to build on itself as the learner progressed. They developed cognitive interactions and regular knowledge checks to reinforce the content. The content was segmented into four courses. The first was a foundational course that introduced the learner to Eckerd Connects and provided the mission, vision, and values of our organization. This allowed the learner to gain a first-hand perspective of how we operate and provided the personal viewpoint of our President, David Dennis through the inclusion of his welcome letter. This solved the challenge of reinforcing our goals of changing the trajectory of families through service to over 70,000 children.

The other three modules presented content on how to handle trauma and child abuse. The subject matter was difficult for all involved but CoreAxis was careful to select imagery and verbiage that delivered this content without exploiting the sensitive nature of it. While painful, the approach of the content centered on how to recognize the signs of trauma and abuse and what steps to take. CoreAxis developed content on a trauma-informed approach, effective language around trauma, and trauma-specific interventions and actions. These modules solved our challenge of delivering difficult material in a personal way while maintaining an action-oriented approach. This allowed our learners to successfully navigate these situations to the best of their ability.


These courses allowed Eckerd Connects to develop foundational knowledge among our employee base. The training has given us a sustainable source of content that works to introduce new hires and develop connectivity among a variety of employee levels.

New England Center for Children

CoreAxis Consulting developed 25 courses to support The New England Center for Children pilot Autism Awareness Program. We believe in volunteering and supporting our community partners. CoreAxis Consulting donated 600 volunteer service hours to complete the program.

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