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Process Improvement

We help drive your success by documenting processes, establishing standards and guidelines, providing clear standard operating procedures and minimizing employee confusion.

Benefits of Process Improvement

Benefits of Process Improvement

  • Employees can do their job successfully and meet the needs of your organization and customers
  • You have a clear measurement of what success looks like
  • Employees are more productive, saving you time and money

What we do to help you transform your processes:

Consistent processes

Ensure processes provide clear guidance on how tasks are performed. Consistent processes improve efficiency by reducing employee confusion.

User friendly content

Create content that is easy to use. This includes designing content for easy searching. When content is user-friendly, employees can spend more time performing their tasks and less time finding the help they need.

Tools for success

Identify tools that will help employees succeed in following your processes (e.g., templates).

How we will work with you:

1Create a list of processes

We will review your current list of processes by team & role and help identify any processes that may be missing.

2Map out processes

We will map out the list of processes to ensure all steps are captured. These processes help to fill in gaps, identify any inconsistencies, document decisions and identify tools for success (e.g., templates).

3Write content

We will put together a content development plan to outline all content that is currently available, content that needs to be updated and content that needs to be created. From there, we will finalize all content.

4Publish & deliver

We will publish and deliver all outputs (e.g., process maps, content, etc.). We will publish to whatever delivery platform you have. If you need a platform, we can recommend solutions based on your needs.

Process Improvement and Learning & Development

Combine Process Improvement and Learning & Development in one service package. Training and business processes sometimes go hand-in-hand; you can’t create one without having the other. CoreAxis can not only help identify and document your processes, but our Custom Solutions team can take those processes and build training content around them.

One stop shop


2Document processes

3Develop training around processes

4Train on processes

Seamless transition

Our Process Improvement team will ensure your transition to Custom Solutions is seamless with little disruption to the project. Once the hand-off is made, the Custom Solutions team will finish out the project, reaching out to Process Improvement with any questions or needed guidance.

Package cost

Interested in both services? We’ll work with you to put together a combined package and cost that fits your needs.

Panviva Knowledge Management System

Looking for a knowledge management system to help your employees quickly access your processes? We partner with Panviva.

According to expert Tom Davenport, knowledge management “is the process of capturing, distributing, and effectively using knowledge.” Panviva is a knowledge management system designed with Performance Support in mind. It provides employees with just-in-time information in three clicks or less, helping transform employee performance and create operational efficiency.

Panviva acts like a GPS for your desktop and helps to improve customer service, slash training times and improve your processes. Panviva becomes the single source of all knowledge assets across all channels and removes the risk of misinformation.

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