Why Responsive Design in Mobile Learning is a Must

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Responsive design is exactly what it sounds like: design that responds to whatever mobile device or browser is being used to access it. Responsive design blends itself as if specifically created for the tablet or smartphone the user is on. The screen size will shrink or expand to provide the best possible view, images may shift and navigation options may change. All of this is intended to create the best possible user experience, which is why responsive design in mobile learning is essential. 
It’s a better user experience.
When it comes to the mobile learning experience, frustration is the enemy of engagement. Learners must be able to login and access the information when and where they need it most and doing so must be seamless. If they click on a module only to realize they can’t view it properly or navigate it efficiently, it will lead to frustration. They’ll be more likely to close out than struggle through it. When the experience is pleasurable rather than irksome they’re able to fully immerse themselves in the information. A better user experiences mean higher engagement and improved learning outcomes.
You can reach a larger audience.
Responsive design has been a top learning trend for the past couple of years. As learners are more and more likely to access courses on their mobile devices, it’s become imperative that responsive design be used to create them. Using responsive design gives you the power to reach this growing number of mobile users rather than excluding them. It also helps with SEO ranking. When you have one course with responsive design, it’s easier to send more traffic its way, rather than having multiple versions of the same course scattered about. Increased SEO helps you stand out and reach more learners.
It’s cheaper and easier to maintain.
Along the same lines as SEO improvement, having one responsive course to create and maintain helps reduce the development costs of creating and maintaining multiple versions of it. Corporate training programs are always evolving, especially in an industry or field where new technologies or regulations or even compliance guidelines are constantly being rolled out, updating and maintaining your eLearning course will be much easier if it’s developed with responsive design to begin with. Each new update would otherwise have to be done across all versions for each browser and device, which will be time consuming, cumbersome and expensive. With responsive design, one update to your responsive mobile course will do the trick across the board.
For these reasons alone, responsive design in mobile learning is a must. It offers your online training course a wide range of benefits. As the number of online learners using mobile devices continues to grow, responsive design will only prove more and more important in the future.
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