3 Reasons to Use Serious Games in Training to Increase Workforce Engagement

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Serious games are one of the fastest growing trends in corporate training. They are a step beyond gamification, in that gamification is the use of game-like elements (leaderboards, competition, rewards, etc.) within training content and serious games are games designed entirely with the intent of training itself. Serious games are a unique approach to training that allow learners to attempt different approaches, learn consequences, solve problems and achieve certain goals all with very little risk to their organizations.
Here are a three reasons to consider serious games for your corporate training:
1. Improved Productivity
Serious games utilize systems of achievement and reward that motivate learners to engage through creating an emotional investment into the outcome. Since they are designed with specific learning outcomes in mind, this engagement boosts knowledge retention and skill development, resulting in improved productivity within the workforce.
2. Practice makes perfect
Serious games provide a safe environment in which employees can practice their new skills and put their newly acquired knowledge to the test with little risk to the company. Practicing skills in the real world can have negative consequences. When using serious games like simulations though, employees can learn from their mistakes without harming real business outcomes.
3. Cost effectiveness
Serious games are cost effective in that they can be used over and over again. There is an upfront cost in obtaining or designing them, but they are scalable after that and can be distributed throughout the entire organization to be used ad nauseam. This allows for employees to reuse them to practice and explore and play. The more they do that, the more knowledgeable and productive they’ll become, at a low cost.
Serious games improve eLearning effectiveness by incorporating the emotional attachment necessary for engagement. They also help because they are fun, creative and can be the spark that makes your eLearning program memorable, entertaining and motivational. When aligned with organizational learning objectives they can be a powerful tool to increase the ROI on corporate training.

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