At CoreAxis, our coaching approach is a unique blend of high touch and adaptive learning. this approach has proven to develop and enhance the skills of key leaders and executives.


Coaching provides skills to current managers and those on the leadership track to become more productive in their roles, mindful of their behaviors and motivated to deliver on performance goals. Your frontline, mid-level managers and high-potential employees are your organization’s future leaders and coaching should be a large piece of your retention strategy.

Coreaxis Provides Three Coaching Programs

Individual coaching

Individual coaching

Our one-on-one coaching focuses on the performance and professional goals of the individual. We personalize our approach to help your managers and high potentials achieve measurable results and sustainable change in a way that is authentic for the coachee.

Team coaching

Team coaching

You’ve brought together the best and the brightest to deliver, but are still needing something more. We work with team to uncover how their individual roles and behaviors are impacting the team’s ability to deliver.

Peer-to-peer coaching

Peer-to-peer coaching

Through monthly confidential coaching conversations with up to ten other managers from various organizations and industries, your managers will challenge their assumptions, be pulled from their comfort zone and discover ways to remove impediments getting in the way of their career progression.


CoreAxis Helps Make Executive Coaching and Development Easy

At CoreAxis, our executive coaching approach is a unique blend of high touch and adaptive development. This approach has proven to build and enhance the skills of key leaders and executives. Leading a group of individuals to success can be difficult for the most seasoned professional. Our executive coaching provides a vast number of tools and strategies to help you go further, but more importantly, it’s a unique approach for you to learn strategies to make your company succeed. Executive coaching is our way of assisting your team on the road to growth. Our understanding of your needs and expectations helps us develop the executive coaching and development you need to move forward and reach the goals you desire.

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Here at CoreAxis, our goal is to help you grow your business giving you and your team the tools, knowledge, and insight needed to excel at what you do and stay ahead of the competition. We offer a variety of executive coaching services aimed at equipping you and your employees for battle in a competitive market. Our executive coaching and executive development services provide a company with a fresh outlook on what is needed to navigate the business world and teach executives how to properly handle competition. With our executive development game plan, you will be well on your way to business growth and success thanks to these services:


Five key attributes for executive presence model based on global leaders.

Leadership savvy – unlocking leadership skills including an overview of emotional intelligence.

Cornerstones of credibility & experience as the “ticket to entry” when building executive presence. Our executive development program allows us to focus on improving credibility and experience within your employees and your management personnel.

Understanding of social acumen in the workplace, how to be more strategic with relationships and more authentic with interactions.

Distinguishing a personal brand to project the right image and diminish acts of random branding. The way your customers and the general public view your brand is critical. Our executive coaching services can assist by helping you maintain a positive branding image.

Uncovering the secrets of powerful communication with skill development in connecting, storytelling and presenting. We developed our executive development program to help build internal and external communication lines to help businesses like you grow and succeed.

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