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Coaching Packages

CoreAxis provides coaching to senior executives and emerging leaders on an individual or team basis. We combine elements of conversation, practical application and accountability partnership to create a blended approach that improves clarity and potential for individuals and teams to close the gap between career aspirations and reality.

Individual Coaching Package

This package is for people seeking professional development through a strategic coaching relationship. It begins with a comprehensive startup phase in month one and then continues through subsequent months.
This package is best suited for any of the following:
  • Director – Executive level leaders
  • 360 assessment participants
  • Career promotion candidates
  • High-potential mid-level managers

first 30 days

  • Individual goal setting meeting
  • Leadership assessment
  • Career development plan

Subsequent Months

  • One session per month, one hour per session
  • Ongoing email support and limited phone support


$1,500 month one

$750 per subsequent month

Three month minimum engagement

Leadership Transformation Coaching Packages

The Transformation package works best for people who want to deeply explore the root cause of a single professional development challenge, own the transformation journey to improve in this area and become a role model for others within the organization.

To prove that holding yourself accountable for self reflection and improvement will lead to great things.

This package is best suited for any of the following:
  • Director through executive leaders with a deficit in one or more vital leadership competencies
  • Succession plan candidates who need to grow
    and develop in a particular area
  • High performing individuals struggling to move into leadership or manager-level roles.

The following services are incorporated:

  • Six, one-hour virtual coaching sessions
  • A six-month personalized coaching agenda
  • Curated content and application exercises
  • Selected assessment
  • Personalized improvement plan to guide your continue development


$1,500 first coaching session

$750 per subsequent coaching session

Team Coaching Packages

Team coaching is the fine art of using facilitation and a real team challenge to maximize the performance and engagment of a group of people working together to deliver meaning outcomes.
This package is best suited for any of the following:
  • Newly forming teams
  • Teams requiring intervention and are ready to address the root cause(s)
  • Project teams who are bottlenecked or performing below their potential
  • Teams requiring particular skill building such as decision making, communication or handling conflict and are ready to learn how to develop

The following services are incorporated:

  • One-hour virtual meeting with decision maker to identify and explain the concern
  • Team completion of selected assessment tool to uncover individual traits and group tendencies.
  • 30-minute individual virtual coaching sessions for each team member to go over inventory results
  • Interpretation and analysis of assessment and coaching session results and creation of team portraits.
  • Three, 90-minute coaching sessions to go over the group portraits, identify and practice strategies and follow up on team improvements
  • Report with recommendations written and presented to decision makers


Total Cost $7,500

*Pricing is for teams of ten or fewer team members. Additional costs for teams comprised of greater than ten members.

Willingness and good chemistry are the key ingredients of a successful coaching relationship.

Regardless of industry or course content, our unique approach makes CoreAxis your one-stop-shop for all learning and development solutions.

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