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Compliance, Soft Skills, and Sales Training

Your current and prospective employees are looking to develop critical skills to thrive in their careers. Empower them with compliance, soft skills, and sales training to drive performance, support career advancement, and maintain a safe work environment. Explore our catalog of off-the-shelf courses and talk to us about developing custom training solutions to address your unique learning and business needs.

Virtual Performance Management

Due to the migration to a predominantly virtual workforce, your leaders might be facing the challenges of leading remote teams. Our customizable course supports leaders through the shift and provides instruction regarding conducting remote performance reviews, measuring performance, and more.

Benefits of working-from-home training:

  • Instructs on virtual performance best practices
  • Describes how to support virtual teams through technology and management
  • Introduces tools for managing remote worker performance
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    Preparing Your Return to the Office

    As companies return to office environments, workplace dynamics are set to transform. In our course, we provide an organizational blueprint for successful corporate workplace conversions. Leaders can gain insight into effective decision making and learn how to best support their staff.

    Benefits of working-from-home training:

    • Provides a social-emotional support framework
    • Creates an adaptable work plan and training strategy
    • Prepares for a new digital transition
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      Compliance & Safety Training

      Ensure your workforce understands and follows applicable laws, industry-specific regulations and internal corporate policies. Our team will partner with you to develop and deploy a learning solution that mitigates organizational risk.

      Benefits of compliance and safety training:

      • Minimizes risk of litigation
      • Develops a culture of safety
      • Improves workforce productivity through decreased downtime

      Sales Training

      Changes in how businesses and consumers make purchase decisions have created a need for organizations to re-evaluate their sales strategy. Our sales training course educates learners of all levels on how to remain agile and adjust their approach to close deals. We offer best-in-class training that tackle hard-to-measure intangibles like motivation, communication, resilience and problem solving.

      Benefits of sales training:

      • Builds better relationships with current customers
      • Identifies a prospect’s unmet needs
      • Converts more prospects to leads

      Cybersecurity Training

      Cyber threats are one the rise. Anyone — from IT professionals to customer service representatives — who utilizes internet-connected devices can be the target of a cyber attack. Protect your organization’s data with cyber security training. We offer function-specific learning solutions for IT professionals, as well as awareness training for non-technical roles. We specialize in helping employees understand and recognize spam, phishing, malware and social engineering.

      Benefits of cyber security training:

      • Makes your organization more secure
      • Reduces threats related financial and data losses
      • Retains your customers’ trust

      Soft Skills Training

      Research shows that 85% of job success comes from having soft skills. Our soft skill learning solutions teach employees how to develop stronger interpersonal relationships, critical thinking skills and communication behaviors. This leads to improved day-to-day business operations, a reduction in HR complaints and more positive brand experiences for customers.

      Benefits of soft skill training:

      • Builds more collative and stronger teams
      • Increases employees engagement
      • Improve employee retention

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