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Corporate Learning Strategies

More Than Training…An Experience

Learning Experience Design

Experience Design

Making Learning Effortless and Enjoyable

Successful learning programs are dependent on quality instructional design, adult learning best practices, innovative learning technologies, and building programs around the learner. Learning experience design-thinking combines these all into a comprehensive methodology for developing and delivering best-in-class learning experiences to engage learners while promoting a culture of learning.

Benefits of Design by Learning Experience

  • Focuses on learner-centered experiences
  • Drives higher engagement and retention
  • Improves usability, accessibility, and enjoyment of learning
Learning Transformation

Learning Transformation

Develop and deploy a comprehensive learning transformation strategy that aligns with business objectives and supports the professional development of learners of all levels.

Our award-winning custom eLearning solutions are created to engage your workforce through interactive and meaningful course elements, real-world branching scenarios and gamified knowledge assessments to reinforce core topics. Whether the courses are bite-sized microlearning, simulations, animated videos or Netflix-style trailers, our experienced instructional design team partners with your organization to deliver a cost-effective, measurable training product. How we help you transform your training to develop a culture of learning:
  • Explore your learning journey and discover where you want to be
  • Create customized learning content based on your learning objectives and business goals
  • Create customized learning content based on your learning objectives and business goals
  • Implement your learning strategy to immerse your team in a whole new way
  • Engage learners to better meet their learning objectives when learning is optimal for them
  • Evaluate your learning transformation to see how your team is performing and adjust your trajectory, if needed
  • Change the culture of your team by transforming your training program with a continuous improvement outlook

Benefits of learning transformation

  • Align your learning and business strategies across the organization
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your learning programs
  • Ignites a culture of learning and collaboration
Training needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis

At CoreAxis, we often begin our custom solution partnerships with a training needs analysis.

The goal is to identify workforce performance gaps and determine the best training solutions to address an organization’s needs.
step 01

Establish Context

We partner with leaders and stakeholders to develop a holistic view of your company’s functions, culture, processes and training needs. This provides context and enables us to move swiftly to address your challenge.
step 02

Determine Business Outcomes

Through data collection and analysis our team evaluates the effectiveness of your current learning initiatives and identifies any learning gaps that might be present. The end results are detailed learning objectives.
step 03

Identify Participants

Working closely with stakeholders, we determine the ideal participants for maximum organizational impact. This includes detailing key characteristics and constraints.
step 04

Focus on Evaluation

Once we understand your culture, strategy and goals, we develop a detailed evaluation plan that proves outcomes and correlates to your greater business strategy.

Curriculuum Roadmap design course

Curriculum Roadmap & Design

Modern organizations require highly-skilled employees to remain competitive. Elevate your learning initiatives with a unique roadmap that defines and prioritizes critical skills, while determining the most effective strategies and delivery methods.

There is no one-size-fits-all model for learning. At CoreAxis we use a science-based approach to evaluate each learning and development program, and build custom solutions that are designed from the ground up to maximize retention and drive lasting change.

Benefits of curriculum roadmap & design

  • Translates business drivers into employee skills
  • Identifies organizational skill gaps
  • Integrates innovative learning solutions like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)
Content Curation

Content Curation

Enhance the impact of your content by helping learners quickly locate and assess your learning material. Utilize content curation to aggregate, filter, organize and contextualize your learning materials.

Curation is an art. It’s all about finding, sifting, arranging, contextualizing and then sharing information. Curation is intentional. Today’s learners want personalized learning paths based on their areas of interest.
Employees find it most difficult to learn, not because there isn’t enough content, but because there is too much of it, and they cannot find what is valuable. A content curation strategy takes the complex and filters only what’s relevant, saving time and effort. Our content strategy experts help organizations identify and execute a content curation strategy. Our team can help with a successful integration and execution through a variety of performance and learning issues.

Benefits of Content Curation

  • Empowers learners to assess content when and where they need it
  • Allows design of contextual learning pathways for all levels
  • Delivers a unified, memorable experience

Content Conversion

Content Conversion Strategy

Ensure your training programs integrate the latest technology and learning trends.

Convert your “flat” learning materials into interactive content that is proven to help learners absorb, apply and retain information more effectively. CoreAxis team members are experts in legacy course conversion. We’ll refresh your current content and deliver it on any  platform, whether it’s SCORM, AICC or TinCan compliant. This will modernize your learning experience in an impactful, interactive way.

Benefits of conversion strategy

  • Transforms dated material to more engaging format
  • Transforms courses to match
    business needs
  • Utilizes modern trends and technologies

Organizations finding it increasingly challenging to get employees into the classroom.

In an age where pretty much everything is on demand, scheduling employees away from their jobs to attend a training course on a set day and time is a challenge for today’s training managers. Instructor-led training (ILT) classes don’t consider the current workload of employees, nor do they factor in potential disruptions that may occur during the class day. These events can cause class attrition or, worse, unfocused learners who aren’t engaged in the content.

Benefits of converting ILT to eLearning

  • Provides cost saving in both labor and travel expenses
  • Delivers consistent training across your entire workforce
  • Leverages new and emerging technologies that drive engagement

Today’s business environment is turbulent. Organizations need flexible learning solutions in order to reach participants no matter where they are, whether it’s a home office or blanket on the beach.

Partner with our industry-recognized team to rapidly convert your in-person training program or course into a virtual experience. We develop memorable and engaging user experiences across all digital modalities.

Our Process

Our rapid delivery process ensures a seamless conversion.

step 01

Evaluate Readiness

To ensure a successful implementation, we facilitate a meeting to determine your organisation’s timeline. dependencies and recources.
step 03

Content Curation

We determine topics and supplemental resources that need to be created and/or modified to accomodate virtual training.
step 05

Course Development

Based on the approved outline, we design and develop your materials including slides, facilitator guide and online participant workbooks* *Participant workbooks are an additional fee.
step 07

Success Measurement

We know that feedback is a gift, and we will gather your insights on the content, facilitation and logistics after your session so we can coninuously improve our working model. materials and facilitation services.
step 02


Our Senior Virtual Instructional Designers partner with your team to validate the correct model/approach for your unique business position.
step 04

Outline Development

Our Instructional Design team creates a detailed Design Document, which outlines your virtual course, and solitics feedback from your key stakeholders.
step 06

Instructor Training

To ensure a successful deployment, we train your instructors on how to facilitate the course material, and suggest ways to keep virtual learners engaged. Or, if you prefer, we can facilitate the transformed materials for you.

Benefits of ilt to vilt conversion

  • Transforms dated material to more engaging format
  • Transforms courses to match business needs
  • Utilizes modern trends and technologies

Adobe announced that they would discontinue updating and distributing Flash Player by the end
of 2020.

Companies that have built full courses in Flash, or that have just a few Flash elements within their eLearning courses, now find themselves in the position of having to convert these courses to an updated format. The format these companies overwhelmingly choose is HTML5. HTML5 is both interactive andgm flexible, two of the main qualities for which Flash was once exalted.

Our Flash to HTML5 solutions include unlimited access to the most highly-skilled eLearning developers, instructional designers, and content conversion specialists in the industry—skilled in the latest development tools, as well as learning technologies and techniques.

Benefits of converting to HTML5

  • Produces courses that are visually appealing, responsive and interactive
  • Allows faster development and program to run in the new environment
  • Provides the ability to make agilechanges to design, user interfaces, graphics and content

As businesses strive to perfect social distancing, they still need to operate and conduct business—no matter how unusual the circumstances might be.

Sales must be made. People need to be hired. Onboarding needs to be done. CoreAxis has been offering virtual onboarding for more than 19 years, and has the capabilities and team of experts to quickly and seamlessly convert your in-person onboarding into a remote program, creating an immersive experience for your new hires. Click the link to learn more in our Remote Onboarding is the “New Normal” e-book.

Learn More

Business doesn’t stop for social distancing. Companies are expected to adapt–no matter how unusual the circumstances may be.

“As work from home becomes the norm, companies get more comfortable hiring fully remote employees.”
“Fidelity Hiring 2,000 to Meet “Unprecedented Engagement” Client Demand.”
“Instacart’s hiring spree continues as it faces unprecedented demand.”
“Amazon hiring 75K more workers..”
Measuring & Analytics

Measuring & Analytics

Ensure your organization’s learning solutions drive business results from day one.

Measure the impact of your organization’s learning strategy through data collection and analysis. Incorporate assessments, needs analysis and participant surveys into your learning initiatives.

Advanced Formative Assessment

Maximize your learning experiences with advanced formative assessments. Use self-assessments, presentations and other tasks, to determine whether participants are absorbing training material. Formative assessments provide clear snapshots of a learner’s strengths and areas for improvement, and enable real time “course correction.”

Benefits of measuring & analytics

  • Determines the effectiveness of your learning strategies and programs
  • Incrementally improves your learning program for maximum effectiveness
  • Demonstrates business impact and prove ROI

We help your instructors deliver more engaging and interactive content

Regardless of industry or course content, our unique approach makes CoreAxis your one-stop-shop for all learning and development solutions.

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