Bringing Innovative e-Learning Workshops to Your Company

Emerging technologies, such as virtual reality, are helping L&D professionals develop engaging, immersive, and fun employee training. While VR is a powerful tool, strategy is needed to integrate it effectively into your blended learning design. At the same time, you may be asking questions surrounding implementation timelines, costs, scalability, and feasibility of embracing VR technology.

We know it’s a complex issue.

Designed to help L&D professionals better navigate the evolving, emerging technology market, CoreAxis offers a comprehensive Innovation Workshop. The workshop will allow you to get a closer look at the potential of immersive learning and the impact it can have on your learners and business.

How Our Exploration Workshops Help

We love flexibility and collaboration. Using Design Thinking, we’ll work together to create a unique learning path that aligns with your L&D team and your business. Interested in building 360 interactive videos to teach empathy-building techniques? Or maybe you’d like to create an immersive learning experience in a 3D environment to drive engagement and retention.

We’ll help you answer your top questions about which type of emerging technology will be most effective for your learners and which learning programs are best suited for cutting-edge technology. You’ll get a better understanding about the specific costs and benefits associated with different headsets. 

Our workshops will enable you to:

  • Experience the power of VR learning for yourself
  • Build an effective case for gaining business buy-in
  • Leverage the expertise of our VR industry specialists
  • Gain insight into the evolving industry and what’s to come
  • Learn how other innovative companies are using cutting edge technologies 
Respectful Workplace

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