eLearning is one of the most convenient solutions when you need to train the masses, quickly. But is it effective? Is it engaging? Is it boring? eLearning doesn’t have to be vanilla. While vanilla is a delicious flavor of ice cream, ice cream does come in many dynamic flavors. Our award-winning custom eLearning solutions are far from vanilla. Whether the courses are bite-sized microlearning, simulations, animated videos or Netflix-style trailers, our experienced instructional design team partners with your organization to deliver a cost-effective and dynamic training solution.

    • Delivers training rapidly and consistently
    • Adaptable, scalable and customizable
    • Easy to deploy and maintain
Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning

Virtual learning refers to a system that offers a digitally based solution designed to create interactive, immersive learning experiences. CoreAxis harnesses technology to supplement an in-class experience with digital communication, quizzes, polls, interactions, and more throughout the virtual learning environment. Now more than ever, with businesses shifting to virtual teams, virtual learning goes hand in hand with promoting knowledge of digital collaboration and ensuring your organization’s success.

    • Encourages a collaborative, interactive learning environment.
    • Connects educators with their students and students with their peers.
    • Ensures flexibility and comfort while growing skill sets and knowledge.
Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Blended learning is more complex than “just add water and mix.” While it’s common knowledge that people all learn differently, the learning industry has adapted to ensure top-notch retention.

Blended learning is mixing together different learning modalities, like eLearning with face-to-face classroom techniques, to create the ideal experience for your company’s audience. CoreAxis has extensive capabilities to create just such a solution. Face-to-face classroom, off-the-shelf courses, a variety of creative media and immersive experiences, we’ve got them all.

    • Curated content on a wide range of topics readily available
    • More engagement experience for learner
    • Well-planned experiences that increase retention
Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning

Immersive learning is a technique that makes use of artificial or simulated environments in which the learners can become immersed in the learning process. This solution enables learners to control the training outcomes by connecting them with real experiences. In addition to improving engagement levels, immersive training boosts their motivation by putting them in charge of their virtual world. This type of learning provides interactive environments with content so galvanizing that it leaves a high impression on the learner’s psyche.

The technologies that implement immersive learning in virtual environments are:
  • Virtual Reality (VR)

  • Mixed Reality (MR)

  • Augmented Reality

  • 3D Immersive Learning (3D)

Video Learning

Video Learning

Video is mainstay in our lives. We Consume it every day in one form to another. High quality interactive and animated video experiences take our learning up a notch, (actually it’s 10 notches, bot who’s counting?).

Animated and interactive video create more immersive experiences. Video allows learners to consume powerful stories that offer thought provoking scenarios and be engaged with the on-screen action. CoreAxis works with clients to create customized, branded experiences, without breaking thebank on cost.

  • Animation

  • Interactive

  • 360 Video

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the application of theory and academic content to real-world experiences, either within the classroom, within the community, or within the workplace. This solution advances program or course-based learning outcomes that are specifically focused on employability skills. Experiential learning is an opportunity for learners to immediately apply their knowledge to solve real-world challenges.

  • WebXR

  • App Development

  • Simulations

  • Gamification

We help your instructors deliver more engaging and interactive content

Regardless of industry or course content, our unique approach makes CoreAxis your one-stop-shop for all learning and development solutions.


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