Managed Learning Services

Learning and development organizations have never been more instrumental in enabling their businesses to thrive and remain competitive. The shift to remote learning is causing disruption across the entire L&D industry and innovative learning leaders are looking for solutions that can help them navigate this evolving learning landscape. As a flexible and agile learning partner, CoreAxis can help you solve your end-to-end training challenges and support rapid development to help your organization adapt to new learning challenges, identify skills gaps, and maintain the quality and effectiveness of your learning programs. From remote onboarding to succession planning, CoreAxis has a custom solution to fit your unique learning and business needs.

We Help Support:

Agile Development
Reduced Expenses
Flexible Teams
End-to-end training
Learning Transformation

The Secret to Transformation

Our award-winning team has developed an effective approach to helping L&D leaders drive learning transformation at their organizations. Together we build training solutions that align with your organization’s unique business needs, functions, culture, and processes. It all starts with the plan.

  • Develop your learning strategy. We begin our partnership with a training needs analysis to identify your organization’s business and learning needs and desired outcomes.
  • Identify gaps in learning. We help to create detailed learning objectives based upon analysis of your current learning effectiveness.
  • Build custom solutions. Taking a science-based approach, we help you prioritize critical skills and build scalable and viable learning.
  • Leverage learning tools. We help you navigate through the evolving emerging technologies industry to find the tools that work for you.
  • Assess and analyze. Together we can determine the effectiveness of your learning strategies and programs.

Your Managed Learning Services Partner

Our team is there to support you every step of the way towards learning transformation. Whether you need to fill a staffing requirement, or expand your existing resources, we can help save you time and energy finding a solution that fits seamlessly into your organization.

Agility – Learning Strategists

We can help you efficiently connect to a deep pool of talented instructional designers, graphic designers, programmers, LMS administrators, and more. This means you can meet tight deadlines and drive rapid development initiatives.

Flexibility – Staff Augmentation

Whether it’s an entire team, or just a highly specialized team member, we can help you identify and fill skills gaps. We can provide on-demand industry expertise to help you stretch your capabilities, without stretching your budget.

Viability – Change Management

Driving adoption and championing learning success requires strong buy-in, communication, and collaboration between your L&D organization and your business. Our team has a long track record of helping global organizations embrace innovative learning strategies and technologies.

CoreAxis is one of the Top 20 Training Outsourcing Companies in the World