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Talent Management & Delivery

Coreaxis’ talent management programs focus on developing the talent in your organization. We combine our strategic expertise with hands-on, custom elements to create a sustainable structure for success.

Executive Coaching

Create a coaching culture that transforms your organization. Our executive coaches will unlock your leaders’ potential by improving their interpersonal communication skills, increasing their capabilities to lead high-performing teams and elevating their ability to engage with key internal and external stakeholders. We provide one-on-one executive coaching and team coaching across industry verticals, including life sciences, financial services, retail and technology.

Executive coaching enables leaders to:

  • Better prioritize their time and resources
  • Own their development areas
  • Make decisions at the right pace
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Change Management

Empower your organization to expertly navigate today’s shifting business environment.

Our leadership experts will partner with you to develop and employ a custom change management strategy that will help your organization achieve its goals, whether it’s fueling growth, driving innovation or delivering better ROI. We focus on the communication, coaching and capability building needs that are essential to obtaining stakeholder support and making change stick.

You need change management when:

  • Organizational or process change will be impacting teams or your entire organization
  • Change has already taken place but was met with resistance, or the change did not stick
  • You are looking for your leadership team to navigate their teams through change by showing resilience and the ability to pivot and adapt
Blended Learning

Strategy Implementation

Does your organization need a learning and development strategy? We help organizations like yours formulate, execute and monitor successful learning and development strategies. Our experts will assess your organization’s current business environment, identify competitive advantages and partner with you to apply meaningful change.

Benefits of strategy implementation:

  • Allows you to stay one step ahead of your competitors with proactive planning and solutions
  • Increases operational efficiency through an organizational roadmap
  • Helps you expertly navigate change and uncertainty

Leadership Development

Are your leaders prepared to meet today’s diverse business challenges? We excel at creating custom leadership development solutions that empower leaders to think critically. Our experts will partner with your organization to select the appropriate psychometric and assessment instruments, identify styles and skill gaps, develop an action plan and implement a custom leadership development strategy.

Benefits of leadership development:

  • Improves your bottom line
  • Helps you attract and retain top talent
  • Drives strategy execution

Succession Planning

Maintain business continuity with succession planning—the future-focused practice of identifying the knowledge and skills needed to perform key roles, and then deploying a strategy to ensure the positions are never left open. We partner with organizations to ensure their talent bench has the operational and strategic acumen to lead. We offer customized support to fit your organization’s development needs—from baby boomers to Gen Z, and everyone in between.

Benefits of succession planning:

  • Aligns strategic goals to talent initiatives
  • Gains visibility into your existing talent pool and proactively develop employees
  • Delivers leadership stability in critical roles

Competency Modeling

Leverage a custom competency structure to ensure your organization has the right talent for the right job. Competency modeling systematically identifies the skills, knowledge, behaviors and traits needed to perform a job. This enables managers to more accurately measure and guide performance, hire employees that fit their jobs, standardize developmental programs and create a unified culture. Our team will partner with you to define your competency structure, identify measurable and observable standards and implement your model.

Benefits of competency modeling:

  • Identifies your workforce’s abilities and skills
  • More accurately identifies learning and development needs
  • Empowers your workforce to take ownership of the skills

Performance Management

Drive greater organizational value by aligning individual work with organizational goals. An effective performance management strategy goes beyond a rigid performance management system and incorporates a flexible approach that reinforces desired behaviors. Our team excels at helping top organizations develop and implement custom performance management strategies.

Benefits of performance management:

  • Boosts employee engagement and productivity
  • Aligns individual and team goals with organizational needs
  • Rapidly identifies top performers

Career Laddering

Defined career development pathways improve employee loyalty, increase morale and help retain top performers. Our team will guide you through the process of identifying the career progression your employees can take to achieve your organization’s mission. CoreAxis’ systematic approach identifies jobs within specific categories, the optimal progression through these job roles and the leadership developmental needs at each stage.

Benefits of career laddering:

  • Retains top performers through career development opportunities
  • Attracts high performing talent who want to develop
  • Fosters increased motivation in your workforce

Our Philosophy

We believe that learning is most impactful when it is continuous, available at the point of need and leverages a variety of delivery formats, new technologies and innovative approaches. We pride ourselves on being flexible, responsive, pragmatic and delivering solutions that make sense.

Our goal is to create world-class, custom learning solutions that drive the development of our clients’ most valuable asset: their people.

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