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Corporate Social Responsibility

CoreAxis provides tangible business results, demonstrated in speed, efficiency, cost savings, growth and diversity.


increase in knowledge retention due to solution efficiency


increase in participant satisfaction


increase in performance and growth


increase in workforce diversity understanding

Committed to being a contributor to the global community, beyond our core business objectives.

CoreAxis Cares

CoreAxis is committed to being a responsible member and contributor to the global community, beyond our core business objectives. We take a responsible and ethical approach to operating in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable environment. Our award-winning innovative solutions help learners achieve measurable results on an individual and team level. We believe learning is most impactful when it is continuous, inclusive and adaptable.

Coreaxis Workplace Culture

A company culture beyond the company

Additionally, helping others is key to our continuous improvement and is a major staple in our company culture. We are committed to using our knowledge, expertise and resources to address global challenges and focus on topics that have an impact on some of the most underprivileged in society. We foster long-term relationships with our social-impact partners, such as 15-40, Pathfinder, American Red Cross, Genia, NECC and other local foundations, to ensure continuous growth and development.

Hire Trained Individuals

We hire truly passionate individuals

We know that our performance and solutions are only as good as the people we hire and the partnerships we maintain. CoreAxis is committed to hiring top professionals in the L&D industry, to ensure our clients receive the best experience possible. We understand that people need an environment and culture that encourages and promotes the best outcomes. Quality is guaranteed when you work with our top-tier professionals.

Coreaxis we make your business priority

Our priority is your business

We are proud of our accomplishments and the path we continue to take to ensuring a collaborative and globally-conscious approach. Thank you for your contributions to our ongoing journey as we continue to pursue our purpose of engaging our clients with innovative content to create immersive learning solutions that change your perspective of traditional learning.

Success Stories

The challenge

Eckerd Connects is a team that works each day to make a difference in the lives of youth, families and communities. They believe that services should focus on the family: When a client needs help, the family needs help. Clients achieve greater long-term success when services and systems of care address the needs of the entire family. Furthermore, They believe that local communities must be engaged and empowered: When a client’s local community is engaged in their care, the chance for success goes up. The best and most efficient systems of care are those that ensure the local community is empowered with the responsibility and resources to meet, at a local level, the needs of the client.

The strategy

We applied instructional design theory to the content to ensure that it was written and developed with appropriate learning objectives and structured in a way to build on itself as the learner progressed. Our instructional designers developed cognitive interactions and regular knowledge checks to reinforce the content. The content was segmented into four courses. The first was a foundational course that introduced the learner to Eckerd Connects and provided the mission, vision, and values of the organization. This allowed the learner to gain a first-hand perspective of how Eckerd Connects operates and provided the personal viewpoint of President, David Dennis through the inclusion of his welcome letter.

The results

This solved the challenge of reinforcing Eckerd Connect’s goals of changing the trajectory of families through service to more than 70,000 children. These courses allowed Eckerd Connects to develop foundational knowledge among their employee base. The training has given them a sustainable source of content that works to introduce new hires and develop connectivity among a variety of employee levels.

Your organization’s commitment to understanding that each business can make a positive impact on society can be brought to life by CoreAxis consultants. Through collaboration and a shared understanding of your corporate social responsibility initiatives, your learners will gain an appreciation of how important sustainability is for every organization’s future…and we can help you achieve it.

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