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Are you a passionate learning and development and talent management professional?And are you interested in the flexibility and growth potential that comes with being a consultant?

If so, our team would love to connect with you!

CoreAxis provides industry-leading white glove services to our clients and our team is passionate about Learning and Development and Talent Management. Whether you’re looking to come on board as a consultant or for a permanent position, we may have the position that perfectly matches your interests. So let’s get talking!

The Perks of Being a CoreAxis Consultant

Leader’s Support

Ask for help, give and get feedback, set up goals and develop your skills.

Competitive Rates

Be comfortable knowing you’re making above industry standards for all roles.

Flexible Hours

Adjust your plan to work efficiently and have autonomy over your work/life balance.

Remote Work

Virtual work is the new normal so you can do your job from the comfort of your home.

We are Actively Seeking a Number of Positions

3 Typical Projects You Can Expect With CoreAxis

  • Design, develop and deliver project management learning initiatives and customized coaching.
  • Develop and deliver corporate training
    programs globally.
  • On-demand technology training strategy
    and support.

Contracting Process

  • We most likely reach out to you first because your skill set is a good match.
  • You will be asked to interview with one of our talent specialists
  • You will then meet with the VP of talent
  • Next you’ll meet with someone from our team with the same skill set
  • Finally, you come onboard with support from our operations teams

What our contractors say


Insights from Jennifer Guisbert, CoreAxis Instructional Designer

A project has me take on many roles in designing. I take a look at a client's existing content, work to understand the messaging they want to share, and apply a creative and engaging approach for users. We collaborate on ways to be deliberate for their users and ensure learners take back what they’ve learned to their job and apply it in real life. I create facilitation guides or storyboards for each solution and provide creative flair and direction, so our developers can bring it to life.


Insights from Melissa DeJesus, CoreAxis' Panviva Partner

One of my favorite parts of being a CoreAxis Panviva Partner is my ability to put on my trainer cap and provide well thought out and organized training. An educated client is a happy client! I not only get to train the end-user, I also get to train the trainer and system administrators, and teach the Panviva writing style — I love the diverse group of people I get to work with.

What our clients say about us

“I get to create process and marketing documentation for different clients, with different needs, in an array of writing styles. I am always learning, growing, and most importantly, working at the times when I am most productive from the comfort of my own home. CoreAxis trusts my knowledge, expertise, and experience. I feel like a partner, not an employee and because of that, I never have a bad day at work with CoreAxis because work is what I make it.”

Terah Paluba

Writer, Editor, Process Consultant, Content Manager, & Panviva Implementation & Content Specialist Certified

Join Our Team

Why we’re an industry-leading team

We only hire the best

We hire five-star consultants. Our team is committed to doing whatever it takes to drive results. On average, our experts have 15 years of experience and a customer-focused mindset. We work together and brainstorm innovative solutions every step of the way.

Teamwork and collaboration are key

Regardless of their role, each individual at CoreAxis has one common goal: to create a ripple effect that transforms the realm of learning and development. Everyone is available to collaborate and help each other; no questions asked.

Positivity is always in style

Life’s too short to take things too seriously. At CoreAxis, we like to have fun while we’re working. We love positivity – yes the glass is half full!

No excuses, we provide a mature and professional environment

At CoreAxis, we keep things professional and take care of our talent. When things don’t go our way, we handle things in a mature fashion. You could say we steer clear of the drama.

We love watching you learn and grow

Every day is a school day. We know you’re an industry leading expert – that’s why we hired you. At CoreAxis, we value people who have the knowledge and have a thirst for more of it. As long as you take the initiative, we will always support your career growth.

We know with great data comes great responsibility

Personal data is a big deal, particularly when you are the custodian of a lot of it all. We take the security of your personal data very seriously.

How We Acquire Top Talent

aq_top_img1 01
Chat with a comparable consultant

We will pair you with another consultant, where you can Let’s talk about why you are a great fit for CoreAxis. You will be able to discuss the role with a like-minded expert who does exactly what you do. This is where you can dive into the day to day tasks, the expectations that will be placed on you, and review your experience, expectations and solve some real-life cases. We can meet remotely or in one of our offices.

aq_top_img2 02
Show us your talent

Let us see how you think and solve problems. We want you to show us what you have worked on and run through how and why it was executed. This is your time to show off your knowledge and expertise…and just as important – your passion!.

aq_top_img3 03
Meet with a team leader

You will then have a quick chat with one of our team leaders to get to know each other better before starting to work together. We make sure your and your team leader are a good fit that promote productivity and collaboration.

aq_top_img4 04
Start your onboarding

That’s it! Now you can join our crew and start a great adventure.Our rigorous onboarding and delivery standards ensure that you and your learning solutions help our clients cross the goal line. We’ll never leave you hanging when it comes to onboarding – we’re a L&D organization best known for our training and curriculums!


We are always searching for industry-leading talent. We pride ourselves on having consultants and employees who not only bring a ton of knowledge and experience to the table, but are always thinking on their toes and evolving with each client and project. We have a proven track record of partnering with complex organizations, so we hire experienced and versatile consultants and we’re always looking to expand the types of consultants we can offer to our clients.


Vice President of Talent and Operations

Life At CoreAxis

Behind every talented consultant is a team committed to culture and dedicated to success.

CoreAxis provides both full-time and consulting roles. As a full-time employee you will be continually surrounded by like-minded individuals, all from the comfort of your home. As a consultant, you will be offered opportunities that allow you to hone in on your skills and continually develop, with flexible hours and a strong support system. We think company culture is pretty important.

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We are seeking L&D Expertise in the following areas

We are actively seeking for a number of positions. For information about how you can join theCoreAxis Network, our worldwide network of professionals, please email us at talent@coreaxis.com.To view our current active listing of company roles, please check below.

  • Instructional Designers
  • Project Managers
  • Technical Writers
  • Training Coordinators
  • eLearning Developers
  • Learning Management Systems Administrators

Interested in working together?

Let’s start with a 15-minute call to get to know each other and see how we can help.

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